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Hello, I have metal gear solid 1 for pc but I can't play it. after it installs I run it and a message appears that says that I can't play in hardawe mode,, only software, and doesn't run it

any ideas?

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i like metal gear.. and I am finished on ps, ps2, but for pc I am just play the old metal gear.. where I can get
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance for PC?? please email me
Neither the the different Disc 1, or the USB cord thing worked for me. It still says please insert disc 1. Can anyone help?
hey I've the same problem, maybe is a problem of graphic card that only requires directx 7. But I red this on read me. Deam it does not work. Please could you help me to understand: it says that game has crashed during inizializing and it will try to work by softwere mode. I don't know anything about this! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
There0 is a fixed crack that is sure to solve your problem. Find it right here:

hello everyone i'm haveing the same problem with downloading metal gear solid

Mine works fine apart from the fact that some video's appear as lines... they used to work but I rewiped my laptop and after next installation some video's appear purple lines. anyone have this propblem and know how to fix it??
Can u plz send them to me2 ...

I really need them
Dear Josh
You just need patches. That will fix the game 100% I will try to send them to you
By the way please send me your e-mail
Just put on a disk or an empty disk
Why don't u try to run the game in compatibility mode.
Dear John
In order to receive the patch you must give me your email. Could you please give me your email?
can you please email me the patch fot the rendering problem
you will make me real happy!
hey guys, wats up?
i use windows 7 32 bit, how I can play metal gear solid??
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thanks in advance
the first patch from works!
but remember only the first patch!
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Usb?... for what ?
Hello everyone,

I need some help please. I installed the game and it worked. But when I tried it after going off, it says "please insert disc 1". I have tried the usb and inserting any disc thing.
Why did it work the first time and not after that?
Can someone please help?
my name is farhan my fovurite game metal gear solid
just the same thing happend to me and I didn know what to do
my name is farhan and I am a student karach university the best game story metal gear solid please download the game thanks.