Metal Gear Solid Pc

 comoseabien -
Hello, I have metal gear solid 1 for pc but I can't play it. after it installs I run it and a message appears that says that I can't play in hardawe mode,, only software, and doesn't run it

any ideas?

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Yes, I had the same problem. What you need is a modded exe file for both the game and vr missions+ run in compatibility mode for win 98/me completely fixes the problem except some of the cutscenes r green, but hell, we've all seen them before anyway, right?
oh forgot to say... I have both mod files, I think I got em from thepiratebay, but I cant remember. If you need them, just email me and ill send em 2 you. Email Id removed for security
Same to me :'(
Look for Metal Gear Solid - No-CD/WinXP+Vista+ GeForce+ATi Fixed EXE ...
The Links with a Google Search will help with Problems and the Fix should get your Game Working just fine.......
your grafic card is to good for that game, I know that because I have mgs1 too and when I start it the same message came

Hello every one
I had experienced this problem and I solved it

The only thing that you need is a(CRACK)

In GOOGLE write (METAL GEAR SOLID 1 CRACK and download it
Then replace it with the old one
just like that ......
thank you....