Laptop wont turn on.

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So, during class, i was on my laptop when a friend was asking if she could charge her cellular phone using my laptop, so i agreed, but when i looked at what she charged, it turned out to be a powerbank. Before i thought of pulling it out, i left the room to go talk to someone over the phone, with my laptop still powering her drained powerbank, and when i came back, my laptop just wont open anymore, even if i charged it, no light (green, orange) opened. What could possibly be the problem? Im panicking. Exam starts tomorrow and all of my files are inside.

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Your hard drive is probably OK and you can use a local PC repair shop to recover your data. The computer itself may have been damaged beyond repair.

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@xpcman, hey! i appreciate the suggestion, i think it would be polite if i said that my laptop is working now, my girlfriend opened the backpart of the unit and dusted it off, then long pressed the power button for 30 seconds. thank you for helping out tho. :)