Can't add New Songs on my iPod

Cath - May 11, 2009 at 12:30 AM
 Ladeedee - Apr 29, 2011 at 04:46 PM
the last time I opened itunes it proposed me to update my ipod to a newer version, that's what I did.. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.. now when I connect my ipod to itunes it says that I need to download itunes 7.6 or higher.. so I downloaded the 8th version but when I tried to install it, it says that it doesn't work on my windows version, (windows xp professional...but a copy) NOW I CAN'T ACCESS OR ADD ANYTHING TO MY IPOD with itunes and it's a 80GB! HELP ME PLEASE ANYBODY!!.... I'm looking into forums but I don't find anything that can help me.. and the worse is that I think that it erased my previous itune library content! I got the .itl when I go to my music/itunes/previous itunes libraries but when I open it it's empty, I don't want to transfer everything back to my new library (anyway I can't connect my ipod)

Therefore this a version of itunes that will solve my problem of accessing my ipod and that will work on my computer the hell am I suppose to get back my content in my previous library

(sorry for my english, I'm french)

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Okay, this same exact thing happened to me.
Firstly; when you plug your iPod into your computer, does it show up under deivces?
Secondly; look on the page, if it says that the "manage songs and videos by yourself" thing is checked, uncheck it.
Thirdly; click apply.
It worked for me, hopefully it works for you! *fingers crossed*
I had the same problem and I was very frustrated, and I followed your instructions. Thank you so much!! ;D
you rule!!!! I have fixed my problemo!!!
Thank you so much :) So simple, yet so helpful!
It doesnt work for me do you know an other way ???? ???
OMG it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!yayyyyyyyyy im happy now lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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try a previous version.
try this link to get the 7.6.1 version of iTunes:
Copytrans is awesome, I had the same problem with m son's Ipod touch, this site allows you to freely manage your own music at will.
Why come my songs that I buy is not downloading like it says "downloading error. Try again or tap again" but I did and it won't download for me so how can I fix this I tunes thingy to download all of it cuz I bought these songs and it won't download but it download the others and now I'm wasting money for this And it's getting stressful of why it's not downloading the songs I spent alot of Money for these songs that I want to listen too...... So please help me!!!......
When you look at the top where it says to add computor try doing that and see. Your downloads should return.

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thats what happened to me, you need to reboot all your computer to a few days before it happened. so you go on some file on your comp and it tells you from what day you'd like to reboot it from, click a few days before the actual disaster and it should be sorted :)
Same here I alredy had songs on my ipod but then when I downloaded more songs it appeared in my itunes library but when it came time for me to sync it erased all of my songs on my ipod and they were replaced with new ones WHAT TE HELL DO I DO ?
same with my ipod evertime I go to put a new song on my ipod it deleded all the ones I had god I hate that idk what to do to it
I am having the same trouble you are not alone my friend!
start by downloading imesh.. just search it on
Hey Cath,
If you have some how erased all your music files from your iTunes folder, then it might be wise to "restore" your computer to an earlyer date before you do anything else. Your "System Restore should restore any files that were there before you upgraded.
Hope this helps.