Spilled some water on my laptop touchpad [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I spilled some water on my laptop touchpad and now I can't click anything. My left mouse button doesnt work at all and the right is glitchy. Any ways to fix it?

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Thursday October 23, 2014
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Thank you
Hello Lewis485,

I hope you have managed to dry somehow the water from your laptop, haven't you? I would like to know if the laptop is still under warranty. If is that so, my advice is to bring it to a technician, but I really doubt that the repair company would validate the warranty, because in most cases the liquids are not covered by the warranty.
If the laptop is out of warranty, I suggest you to take out the HDD and to connect it to another PC as an external drive. There you could extract all of the data stored on the HDD, because in a case of failure of the laptop's motherboard, you will need to replace it and to reinstall the OS once again.

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Saturday December 17, 2016
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Actually, after 24 hours, I managed to get it to work. Sadly, for a few minutes after turning my laptop on, the mouse buttons switch so that the primary button is the right button, but still, it works enough for me to use it correctly.