HDD won't show up on bios or disk management

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I bought a 1TB Western Digital hard drive to be my second hard drive about 3 months ago, when i first got it i didn't really have time to install it because of school and other things. Once i tried installing it it wouldn't show up on the bios or in disk management. I have tried different sata ports but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Did take it to best buy since i ran out of ideas and they said Newegg gave me a bad hard drive so they sold me one at the store, which didn't work either. I was looking to take it to a decent place to get it fixed in town but just for changing a hard drive would be 140$
Any help would be appreciated

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Mar 16, 2017 at 01:27 AM
did you not check while buying it or atleast should have checked after buying it. Did you check using it on a different system?

Since, you have mentioned that you have used every possible method to get it working.
Have to checked the following

Drive not enabled in the BIOS
Serial ATA drivers are not properly installed
Faulty or unplugged data cable
Drive is not spinning up
Incorrect jumper settings on the drive

It's can be a possibility that the driver being used by the OS is not compatible with the drive.Check all these or else the hard drive is faulty.

Please let me know about this.!