Hard drive not detected on device manager after diskpart clean [Solved/Closed]

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 Majin -
Hiya I messing around with the partition on my hard drive due to error else where. Thats when I borrowed a clean 1TB external hard drive to use as a recovery drive, it was working 100% fine then, and I could copy paste files perfectly fine. But when I jumped on diskpart I accidentally 'clean' the external hard drive rather than my actual internal hard drive.

Anyway, I would normally assume nothing is wrong with the device. But after restarting my laptop doesn't seem to detect the device anymore. Both on device manager and the bios....which I find really weird.

This is pretty urgent considering I borrowed the external hard drive and want to return it in a usable state. I even tried connecting it to another laptop and it still doesn't work. Any suggestion to how I can fix this?

Thanks everyone

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when you CLEAN in DISKPART it uninitialises the disk.

You need go right click the start menu and go to disk management

You will see the uninitialised disk in there.

Right click on the drive on the far left side and initialise disk then format.


open CMD and type



if you see the disk in there

SELECT DISK x (number)


create partition primary

format quick fs=ntfs


Thank you

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