Gateway laptop wont turn on!!!

 Will -
I really hope you can help me out!!!
I got a Gateway Laptop 3 years ago and last year it stoped working completely! It wont turn on! I have picutres on my laptop I need badly! If theres no way to fix my laptop is there anyway possible of getting my pictures off the laptop even though it will not turn on? I know the answer is most likely no but Im trying to keep faith! please help!!!

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Hello there. it doesnt power on? even you cant see the lights?
Thank you

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that is correct
Take out your hard disk from laptop put in external casing and plug to other computer. Not just picture you can take everything accept program. Try it. Hope it work.
I dont have a way to fix your computer but there is a way to get your pictures. do you know if your hardrive is still workin? if so then find the nearestr computer shop or store an have them externally read your hardrive. once they do that have them get your pictures an anything else that you find important.