How do I Ram Upgrade a Dell Inspiron 530?

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I have a DELL Inspiron 530 and it has 4 Ram Slots - in pairs, one with black tags and the other with grey. I have one GB installed at present in the grey slots. Would the black slots be for another kind of RAM? How do I know which is SDRAM slots and which DDR slots?

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refer to the user's manual.
this will give you all the information you need.

As I just did this exact same upgrade, I feel confident my answer is right; You will need two RAM-units (ex. 2x1 gb ) to upgrade it, this meaning; you will need to follow the color-coding (grey/black) as you insinuated.

Hope this solves your prob- Did for me, and a major performance change is a fact :)

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hi mate do you know if one 1gb ram and two 512mb ram would work together I tried but not working...should say 2gb but still saying 1gb in use. Just want to make sure if the ram is faulty or not...chears.
RAM in the Inspiron 530 is dual channel meaning you always have to have two of the same memory cards working together as one unit. So you have to add another of the same 1GB cards in the slot right next to it and you will then have 3GB of RAM.
Correction. Slot 1 goes with 3 and 2 goes with 4. So, you should have a 512MB in slot 1, a 512MB in slot 3, a 1GB in slot 2, and a 1GB in slot 4. That should work.
Whoops-a-daisy...Next time I'll get my facts straight before I start typing away. So, here's the real scoop. You don't need a set of two for each memory card, the cards will just perform a lot better if you do. However, you do need to populate the slots in order: slot 1, slot 3, slot 2, then slot 4. Try putting one 512MB in slot 1, the 1GB in slot 2, and one 512MB in slot 3. That should do it.