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Copy files or folder


Hello, I am raja. I need one batch file, using that bat file i want to copy all files or folder to another location. Give me a quick & good reply. ...

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A problem with convert files into pdf format

Hello, Hi, When I convert any file with PDF convert programme I face this error message I know that the programme is unregistered but it should...

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Batch script to search for a file in a folder

Hello, I want a batch script which finds for a filename(say "setup.lst" ) in all subfolders and print the folder name in which the file contains. Ca...

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Macro for copying & paste


Hello, Is there a macro or a way to conditionally copy rows from one worksheet to another in Excel? I'm trying to create a To-Do workbook where...

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Regarding data from table to a textbox.


Hi this is my table is sign_up and i wanna get fetched the record of tht table in to can I do that protected void Page_Loa...

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How to use sqrt function in c

Hai sir............. please tell me how to use sqrt function in c Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 5.0

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Unrecognised database issue


Hello, I have develoed one small app using c# and access(.accdb) file .It is working fine in my machine. But when I move the setup file to my fri...

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Connect a html document to databse


Hello, this is raja valeti i want connect a html document to databse. i don't know how to connect it could u plz tell me how to connect html docume...

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Creating new folders and moving,renaimg files

Hello, I need some with a code to help create 4,000 folders (1,000 dir, 3,000 sub dir) then move and rename over 35,000 files. I have a list of old...

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Unable to start my new computer.

Hello, I purchased a new computer yesterday and was trying to set it up today. when tried start it all i could see was a black colored screen with...

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Anonymous User

Vba code


Hello, I need VBA code or macro to get the data entered in excel cell to the URL. suppose i entered GOOG in a cell , i should get the symbol ...

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Configuring flash site


Hello, i am facing problem in hosting my flash site.i have made flash application which usually provide sign,login function to my phone apps.I am ...

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How to generate a table in excel

Hello, will be very pleased if someone could help me on the following. I have a dataset on sheet1 consisting of 40 columns and let's say 500 rows....

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Types of programing languges

Hello, respected sir, my question is that how many types of programing languages? jus like, object oriented, structural, procedural. how many more...

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Excel - vba to copy data from one workbook

Hello, All, I need to copy the last column from one workbook(test) and append it to the last column to another workbook (newtest). and the column ...

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Hello, sir i am uisng turbo c for my c programs at the time of compilation it is showing a dialogue box lines compiled warnings errors ...

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Outlook macro - creating folders


Hello, Could anyone guide me in creating an outlook macro that does the following: I receive emails very frequently that have a "word" in the ti...

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Visual studio

Hello, sir please tell me how to downalod microsoft visual c++ and tell me the difference between microsoft visual c++ and microsoft visual st...

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Sum if + count


Hello, I have this formula =SUMIF(VAS!$D:$D,$F6,VAS!$J:$J) And wanted to add another step... the step would be to only sum VAS!$J:$J if ">2"...

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Vb, need to delete rows


Hello, I have data in Sheet2 up to 900,000 rows and to Column Q (the values column). I'm not sure how to write a VB that will look in column Q and...

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Vb, how to find last row & delete inbetween

Hello, I have Headers in 1st row (A1 is empty). I need to find the last row (which can vary) then delete ALL rows inbetween last row and 2nd row? ...

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Need a macros to capture time of my team memb

Hi All, Can anyone please assist me in composing a macro to capture the break timing of my team members. Am desperately in need of this macro to ca...

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C program:-question: count the clothes visib


Hello, Question: Count the Clothes Visible Pinky Bhabhi recently hired a maid to look after her household work so that she can concentrate on s...

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Hello, i am preparing a project on online i want to know when the user selects the answer,how can we get to know the write ans w...

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If-else statement in c#


Hello, hii friends, I just want to know how to create if-else statement where we dont allow user to left any textbox blank in our window applicati...

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Excel macro for copy & paste selected range


Hello I have a summary of data by month in one sheet and the raw data in another sheet. Instead of creating multiple worksheets for my raw data fo...

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Delete all alloweditranges in command button


Dear Sir, I have the following VBA code: Private Sub CommandButton2_Click() Dim WS As Worksheet Dim aer As AllowEditRange For Each WS In Wo...

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How to get a value of a cell next to a empty cell

Hello, all I have a question how can i create a VBA that will give me the value of a cell in a colum next to a blank cell? example..below how can ...

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Difference between turbo c and borland c

Hello, sir, What is the difference between turboc and borland c compiler when I am downloading from net it is representing both of it h...

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Messsage not sent please help

Hello, why l cant send my email what is the problem please help Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

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Game programming


hello can anyone please tell me how games are made big ones and small ones too using java i think so please also tell me which software to use and...

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lucifer_dawn of the morning



Hello, Actually i am using first time oracle data base acces,and i want to access HR database. i want to ask what will be provider and data sou...

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Excel macro


Hello, I need a macro to do the following: Look for the word prod in column C (500 rows). When it finds it, replace it with 814, 815,816 - thre...

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Rename list of files in dos script


Hello, I have a list of files that I need to rename basically what I'm doing is dir/b *.csv > out.tmp - to get my llist of files for /f %%a i...

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infomik mdr

Create worksheets from excel list

Hello, I've come across the following program to create worksheets from a list in Excel - can someone further explain the steps I need to take to im...

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Command to add text into file name in command prompt

Hello, I am not very tech and programming savvy, so could someone please help? I have a folder in my Desktop (say it is "TEST" folder). I h...

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Automate service restart

Hello, I need assistance figuring out the best way to restart a service based on upon the date modifed of files in a directory. I would like to hav...

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Helphello, "toshiba satellite l355d-s7901

Hello, "Toshiba Satellite L355D-S7901 (PSLE8U-02P01D) windows error recovery messag can not get through any setting successfully trying to fix it ...

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How to calculate number of calender days


Hello, I have tried out the NETWORKDAYS formula and it worked out just fine, please could you provide formula to include the weekends. Many t...

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Excel with vba


Hello, I just want to know if how to create a simple code that will show like this on my worksheet: Districts Schools ...

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Quick question on vb code


Hello, Basically, I have 4 columns (A-D). Columns C & D will always have information in cells since I am bringing that info in from another sheet...

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Creating a batch file to copy a directory


Hello, I have a directory / folder on my desktop and sub-directories / sub-folders in it and various files in various directories. at the end of t...

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Visual basic studio 6.0


Hello, i need to download Visual Basic Studio 6.0 but I can't find it . Can Anyone Help me plz ??!!

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How to use grid view for particular detail

Hello, I have to view particular details of the user which has stored many details in a database using grid view.......... please give me t...

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Confirming my facebook


Hello, I had a co worker set up my facebook account for me on my work computor i didnt know at the time i was to confirm my face book & now its not ...

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Need help with c++ programming work

Hi, I'm new to programming and I'm doing a course in uni. I've been away on holidays and haven't been able to grasp the work we're doing now. I would ...

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Changing of printf()'s text colour in c


Hello, i want to change the color of the result text of printf().how can I do so? (i want to hide it!) i would appreciate your help. Configurat...

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Gotoxy function


Hello, i want to know what does gotoxy function do and how can i use it.also the code of it if possible. tnx ^_^ Configuration: Windows 7 / In...

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C language softwares supported

Hello, sir I am really hectic of loading c language in windows7(32 bit) please sir tell me the respective softwares supported with compa...

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Im unable to download or listen to mp3 formet

Hello, Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 7.0 im unable to download any of mp3 formated files i just got my new ACER laptop la...

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