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  • Getting the week number automatically Solved/Closed

    Hi,.. I need to get the week number automaticlly.. Lets say I enter the a date in Cell A2 then i want Cell B5 to show the respective week number. L...

    SARC | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 26, 2010
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  • how to connect c# with oracle Solved/Closed

    is it must to have a privilege access to the computer to connect c# and oracle?

    tedal | Latest reply: c00l Aug 25, 2010
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  • Advantage and disadvantage using C++ in real Solved/Closed

    Hello, hi plz tell me the advantage and disadvantage of using C++ in real time project. plssssssssssss rply me quickly.Configuration: Windows XP Fi...

    Radha | Latest reply: jai_19 palomo Aug 25, 2010
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  • Outlook issue with HTML form Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a small website with a very simple HTML form that allows user to send his data; then the webmaster receives an email with the data in...

    Steven75 | Latest reply: Makuto9 Aug 24, 2010
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  • graphics program Closed

    Hello, my name is prasanna, while linking the program in c for graphics it is showing error as "Unable to open cos.obj" I tried this progr...

    prasanna | Latest reply: netsa77 Aug 24, 2010
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  • Data or Cell distribution one-to-one Closed

    Hello Experts ! I am trying to create a list with one-to-one datasets as an attachement link(Data_Distribution) based on 2 input column. Is ther...

    j3kj3k | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 24, 2010
    1 reply
  • Run a macro when the date is changed.. Closed

    Hello, I have a simple code to continue a serial number every time i reopen a workbook,.. heres the code.. Private Sub Workbook_Open() Sh...

    SARC | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 24, 2010
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  • graphics in c language Closed

    Hello, How the directories to be chnaged for graphics in c language And give me simple program for graphics

    krishna | Latest reply: krishna Aug 24, 2010
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  • problems with tv remote conection with tv Closed

    Hello, my remote doenst program itself to the TV and the tvs date is january 1993 and the code is KV-27TS35 So please help

    chris | Latest reply: bimbo Aug 23, 2010
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  • Please somone make me this? Closed

    Hi , Can some one make me an animation of an "epic" battle bettween two guys (3D) ?? It must be 1.30 min - 3 min PLEEAASE help me! Heres a ver...

    SamyMapler | Latest reply: cha_mps Aug 23, 2010
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  • preprocessor file Closed

    Hello, #include #include"conio.h" #define If this is the start of the program why compiler is asking for a directive of # define statement....

    Anju | Latest reply: jziutsa Aug 22, 2010
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  • help-dell d430 Closed

    Hello, help need dell latitude d430 vaios password service tag gs5z4g1 help-sos Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0

    Mark | Latest reply: cha_mps Aug 22, 2010
    1 reply
  • Script to extract files info from ftp server Solved/Closed

    Hi Wonder if you could help me with the following please. I would like to construct a script (in any language whichever it's easiest) which whe...

    aiko27 | Latest reply: Serk5000 Aug 22, 2010
    11 replies
  • How to make a seril number continue Solved/Closed

    Hello, I was wondering if you could make a serial number continue.. What i mean is.....lets say that i have to continue a serial number i cell F5 ...

    SARC | Latest reply: SARC Aug 21, 2010
    8 replies
  • vba protected cells Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have used this code to protect sheets and i have made it not to select locked cells but when this code runs i can still select the locke...

    SARC | Latest reply: SARC Aug 20, 2010
    4 replies
  • Mysql and Navicat Table Design Closed

    Hello, I am really new to this . I am using Navicat with MySql. I have created a Database and a table. However, when I try to set a field type t...

    sam | Latest reply: Vincent Aug 20, 2010
    2 replies
  • change only red texts of a string to blue Closed

    Hello, How do I change any instances of red texts of a string to blue in a selected cell in using VBA Excel. katie

    katie | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 20, 2010
    1 reply
  • Saving by using ADO to access 2007? Closed

    Hello, evrybody hear me! how to use ADO control to save data to access 2007? need it badly! tnx!

    nelvan | Latest reply: jziutsa Aug 19, 2010
    1 reply
  • internet can not open webpage for magicjack o Closed

    Hello, internet can not open webpage for magicjack on win 7 i try to use magicjack on win 7 but i got mssg the above msg

    omar | Latest reply: jefffrozen Aug 19, 2010
    1 reply
  • graphics in c language Closed

    Hello, My name is kishore I have done a graphics program in c of circle; while at the time of linking it is showing that "unable to open cos....

    kishore | Latest reply: jefffrozen Aug 19, 2010
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  • how to send sms Closed

    Hello, i want to send sms(query) to the remote server & it should get reply immeditelly so how i can use java programming lanuage for this. or ...

    bhausaheb | Latest reply: BITSAXIS Aug 18, 2010
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  • Hi,can u help me? Closed

    Hello, Im doing a VB miniproject with backend as SQL 2000.In that,I hav a form for bill.I used data grid for billing such as sno,item,price,qua...

    mals | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 18, 2010
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  • list of name Closed

    Hello, I am creating student registration form .in the form i get any letter in text box .related data can disply the gridview. please solv...

    vicky | Latest reply: jziutsa Aug 18, 2010
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  • problem in code for protect sheets Solved/Closed

    Hello.. how can i make this code to have a password to unprotect the sheet.. but i dont want to be entering the password each time i make a change ...

    SARC | Latest reply: SARC Aug 18, 2010
    4 replies
  • Combining 2 VBA codes Solved/Closed

    Hi.. I need to combine 2 codes together. I'm very new to VBA. These are the 2 codes I need to combine. when I paste the 2nd code it doesnt work prope...

    SARC | Latest reply: SARC Aug 17, 2010
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  • gprs setting Closed

    Hello, i need help,how to set gprs ,mms on my nokia e71 china phone..thanks i hope i can get answer as soon as possible.....thank you very much ...

    gbm | Latest reply: wyaat Aug 17, 2010
    1 reply
  • How to make a user form appear when a workb Solved/Closed

    Hello,.... I need a user form to appear when i open a workbook.. I dont want to run it in macro need it to automatically appear once the workbook i...

    SARC | Latest reply: SARC Aug 16, 2010
    2 replies
  • can't download programs from internet Closed

    Hello, I know there is a same topic about this, I already read it and it doesn't work for me at all. My OS is Window Vista Home Preminum and I can...

    tina | Latest reply: cmoney Aug 15, 2010
    7 replies
  • how can i reprogram a gateway e-series Closed

    Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0 help support

    sam | Latest reply: xpcman Aug 14, 2010
    1 reply
  • how to install game in china g five n79 mobi Solved/Closed

    Hello, how to install game in china g five n 79 mobile

    monu | Latest reply: ramakrishnan Aug 14, 2010
    2 replies
  • Batch file - listing shared folders in domain Closed

    Hello, I'm desperatly looking for a script that will allow me to create a list of all the PC's that have shared folders on a given domain or list I...

    jo80ge | Latest reply: Marcositv Aug 13, 2010
    4 replies
  • Excel to outlook without repeating tasks Closed

    Hello, I am having a small problem. I want to use excel to update the tasks in outlook. All I have is a due date (from A2) and a task (from B2) He...

    Excel to set... | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 11, 2010
    2 replies
  • regarding data reading from com port Closed

    Hello, i am completely new to, i am using ms visual studio 2005,i hav written a code to read data from rs 232 port,and it is reading...

    bing | Latest reply: SM Aug 11, 2010
    1 reply
  • Macro Copy Cells between sheets in Excel Closed

    Hello, I am relatively new to macros and am having trouble with a code. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. The problem is ...

    AJ | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 10, 2010
    1 reply
  • e banking Closed

    Hello, sir urgently i want e bank project pls Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.5.9

    ajeeth | Latest reply: drlootle Aug 10, 2010
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  • VC++ Closed

    Major advantages of using vc++ 5.0 environment

    aashi | Latest reply: king.mac56 Aug 10, 2010
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  • why i cannot connect to my poker bodys in... Closed

    Hello, texas holdem poker.I install the anchorfree program but not work.Any programs to connect the texas holdem poker? Please tell me

    albaniawebma... | Latest reply: albelba Aug 10, 2010
    3 replies
  • linux files from ftp server Closed

    Hello, How to get files from ftp server in a particular folder of my system using linux in a linux environment?

    Nitu | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 10, 2010
    4 replies
  • dos arithmetic Solved/Closed

    Hello, Is there a way to round() in dos batch scripts? thx, NM

    NM | Latest reply: auvixa Aug 10, 2010
    3 replies
  • query in database Solved/Closed

    Hello, my name is paul.. i just want to know if it is possible to query on sql server and in access 2007.. i am doing an election system.. im wond...

    paul | Latest reply: paul Aug 10, 2010
    2 replies
  • hanuma Closed

    Hello, is there any supported version of c n c++ available to windows 64bit operating system

    hanuma | Latest reply: drlootle Aug 9, 2010
    1 reply
  • how to run c# applications in ubuntu? Closed

    Hello, i want some help or procedures how to compile and run c# codes in ubuntu. any one who can help me please?

    tedalem | Latest reply: Abdul haseeb Aug 8, 2010
    2 replies
  • usage of count( ) function in excel Closed

    Hello, how to use count function to display the no. of values from the sheet of one workbook onto the sheet of another workbook Configuration: ...

    Neethi | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 7, 2010
    1 reply
  • Access 2007 programming Closed

    Hello, I have imported a excel 2007 file into Access 2007. The excel file 3 columns - Vendor Name, Account Name and Remarks. I want to prepare a ...

    vishal | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 6, 2010
    1 reply
  • Midlet installation error Closed

    Hello, I wanna control my pc via mobile. I'm using j2me( midlet). whenever I install application on mobile(N70), error occurs i.e 'downlo...

    Tejani | Latest reply: jefffrozen Aug 6, 2010
    1 reply
  • Keyboard isn't working Closed

    Hello, EVeryone. Please help me!!!!!! I have a lenovo laptop 3000 y410. Recently my keyboard isn't working. So I was using screen keyboard. However o...

    Susan | Latest reply: drlootle Aug 5, 2010
    2 replies
  • How to get the last modified date of a file Closed

    Hi all, I am poor in writting the batch files, but I want to get the last modified date of file in to a text file or into an excel sheet. If it is ...

    Sarayucog | Latest reply: rizvisa1 Aug 5, 2010
    1 reply
  • New TV tuner card! Solved/Closed

    Hello to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty excited. Just bought my first TV tuner card, but I have no idea on how to work it. I have the drive...

    ziggy7 | Latest reply: fuzzyhotdog Aug 3, 2010
    5 replies
  • Can't find E-Book for a course Closed

    Hello, I am desperately trying to find "Young Paul H.: Electronic Communication Techniques, Prentice Hall, Fifth Edition 2004" in e-book format for a...

    Asif.Iqbal | Latest reply: serdar Aug 3, 2010
    4 replies
  • dda algorithm Closed

    Hello, i need to design car object using dda algorithm Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0

    suneitha | Latest reply: jaunglia Aug 3, 2010
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