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Outlook password recovery


plz suggest me any good outlook password recovery tool

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Xp recovery failure

XP will not boot from disk to complete a fresh install. Trying to bypass bootable disk by accessing the i386 folder in my computer C drive WINNIT32...

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How to recover app password?

Hello, How can i revover my password on blocker app System Configuration: Android / Chrome 61.0.3163.98

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Retrieving on pendrive folder

Hello, how to retrieve lost file on pendrive System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 62.0.3202.94

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Forgot folder lock password

hi I was using a folder lock version of company kaksoftm folder lock.exe and i have forgotten password so please guide me how i recover it ...

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Sd card from camera & connected to mobile phone lost pics

I took pics in my camera and I remove the SD card from camera and connected to mobile phone by the help of otg then the images shown in the mobile pho...

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Recover photos from deleted cm security

Hello, I have delete CM SECURITY by format of my device i really need those photos how can I get back those photos please let me know. System...

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Lost photos using cm security

Hello, I saved my photos in the secret box in cm security when I opened it after a long time I couldn't find my photos Could you please help me...

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How to decrypt files in cms format?

Hi, I had some of my files hidden in cm vault which i had transferred onto my pc once. I tried to retrieve those important photos back from my ...

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Password recovery

hello, I tried several times to unlock my easy file locker but it always shows invalid password, i forgot what was my password set for easy file locke...

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Want to uninstall the folder lock

Hello, sir i want to unsinstall the folder lock System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 50.0.2661.102

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Hello, I want my hide photos backup System Configuration: Android / Chrome 44.0.2403.119

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Cm security


Hello, I accidentally reformatted my phone without backing up cm security apps, can I recover the private photo in my vault? Are the photos wiped ou...

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How to retrieve lost files in flash drives?


I lost some important files in one flash drive. I do remember taht ive stored them,so I deleted backup from my computer. these files are significant ...

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Photos recovery

Hello, Sir,I have uninstall my app without knowing I have my most lovable memory sir kindly please help me sir....Thank you System Configuratio...

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Hp stream, does not boot up?

With the little blue light shining when plugged in, the notebook does not boot up when the on button is pressed. I believe that the battery is u/s but...

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Gmail recory

I been hacked and don't know my recovery email or number

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Folder lock password for samsung s3

Hello, I forgot my folder lock password for S3 samsung... plz help me System Configuration: Android / Chrome 57.0.2987.132

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Toshiba recovery without a cd


Hi, I have been using a Toshiba laptop from mid 2007. I don't have a recovery disc supplied with the purchase of this laptop. Instead, Toshiba has ...

Last reply on 25 May 2017 by

Recover hotmail account

Hello, Need to recover my hotmail account

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Windows 8.1 single language recovery disk

please guys i need a recovery disk for my netbook windows 8.1 single language.. thanks

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Hello, My account is hack plz help me to backup my phone num and password System Configuration: Android / Chrome 46.0.2490.76

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Lost of account

Pls can you help me out on my account. I open the account and the account is now inactive till moment pls kindly help me. My account is ***@*** kindly...

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Filed recovered but can't read them

Hello, I downloaded a program that recovered my lost files, but I still can't read them. I have two file folders #1 FAT32 3.81 GB and #2 FAT32 3.80...

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Locked myself out of my dz09 smartwatch just got it 2 days ago


Hello, I have the same problem. I just bought my SmartWatch new or something like that on Facebook it's a dzo9. If there is a way to rese...

Last reply on 2 Feb 2017 by

My usb is locked but i forgot which lock software i used before

Hello, All my valuable documents saved and locked in an USB in which I used a "lock a folder' software to lock the folder for security. However the ...

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Verizon pin

how can you get your pin number for verizn i forgot it.

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Dz09 smart watch reset password


I got a DZ09 smart watch for Xmas, reset password. Now it is asking for phones input password, how do I reset? HELP PLEASE

Last reply on 3 Jan 2017 by

Lost assessment to me gmail account

hi I broke my done and only just add it fixed iv not used it since 2014 I had to do a factory reset but now iv lost all my fhotos but had them saved ...

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How to recover my gmail account password

How can i recover my gmail account password. I dnt remember the phone number and recovery email as well. Plz help

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Pen drive transcend is not recognised


Hello, sir, i need micro sd card recovery free software and one pen drive of transcend is not recognising on my system please help?

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Hell Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 52.0.2743.98 my 8gb transcend not showing memory space......unable to format in diskpart,...

Last reply on 13 Oct 2016 by

Starting windows stuck wont load

I turned on my pc Toshiba satellite and its stuck on black screen with the starting windows logo and cant move past it.

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Sim card read as protected disk


my simcard read as protected disk which program or software used to remove it because it have my important document

Last reply on 18 Sep 2016 by

Recover deleted files from flash drive

Hello, by mistake i have deleted some files from my flash drive possible to recover. i have checked recycle bin no clue . please help me re reco...

1 reply Last reply on 9 Sep 2016 by

Files recovery from locker of folder lock

Hi, I have locked few files using Folder lock in my windows 8.1 64 bit. Now, when i try to open the folder lock, its not launching itself. I tried ...

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System recovery options


For a Dell Latitude E 5510 on system recovery options if the user name: Administrator what's the Password:

Last reply on 5 Sep 2016 by

How to reset a sony viao laptop


Hello, how can I reset a Sony Viao Laptop to its original settings if I've forgotten the password and don't have the recovery disk?

Last reply on 27 Aug 2016 by

Windows xp

Hello, can i download windows 7 on my xp system Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 49.0.2623.112

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Cdr file is not opening

Hello, cdr file is not opening but it is not corrupted whenever we are trying to to open that file it shows a blank page

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I need to reformat


wife forgot her administrator password and I need to reformat hd but am listed as user only. I have tried f8 tab to advanced options but no joy. ...

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Blue screen

Hello, this is the information available after computer restarted after system crash(blue screen) problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen...

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Quicken program has has disappeared, desktop icon included

previously installed quicken program has has disappeared, desktop icon included. have tried system restoration

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Forget my password of vlocker apps?!

[ |fancy

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Lost all data on flashdrive

I have a flashdrive that I just lost all of the files on how do I recovery them ?

1 reply Last reply on 12 Jul 2016 by

Lost data

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 51.0.2704.106 I had windows vista. I formatted the c drive. I had some important data on E drive. I ...

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Acer recovery disk

need to find recovery disk for my acer it just stop working it shut down during a operation and I was unable to reopen it go to DOS got to setting but...

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Seagate external hard disk files recovery

Hello, Seagate external hard disk which was working in my PC (windows 10) is not showing any files or folders now. Even drive name is detecting as...

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Corrupted .dbx file

Hello, Is there any method to recover the corrupted .dbx file for OE? When I try to open the folder “Inbox” no messages are displayed except the error...

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Free data recovery software & free file repair software

I have data in pen drive which have been lost all of sudden for reasons not known to me. May I request you to provide " Free Data Recovery Software" a...

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