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Computer won't read recovery disc


Hello, My computer crashed. It's a Toshiba Satellite Laptop A130 When I tried to use the recovery disk the thing says BOOTMGR is missing resta...

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Laptop not starting.


I have a Lenovo G500 laptop and I'm having no luck in getting it to switch on. After pressing the power button, the 'LENOVO' logo comes on the screen ...

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Hello, sir, my usb have some important friend is use this usb they r collected windows 10 setup before data is lost ..plz help me...

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Laptop hard disk

Hello, my laptop hard drive is not working.i want data from it. i have tried many times but failure. i also used external hard drive.suggest me. ...

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Lost my files


Hello, I haven't used folder lock in over a year. After downloading the latest version, I locked some files as I was heading to Saudi Arabia on a bu...

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Windows 7 recovery media - toshiba l755-s5256

Hello, Laptop is currently at Geek Squad. Failed a hard drive test, so we replaced it. They offered to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 (FREE) but c...

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How do i recover a corrupt powerpoint 2013 presentation?


Basically, I have three separate presentations with the same problem and I have read the other thread regarding this and have tried to load the presen...

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How to format sd card when cmd and window fail to format it

Hello, window and cmd fail to format to my sd card and also various formatting software fail to formay my sd me and give me better soluti...

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How to recover deleted files in usb drive due to windows 10

I was saving windows 10 on my 32GB flash drive, I had several documents, downloads and images on it too. When the windows download ended my USB flash ...

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Lock box

Hello, my pc started to become slow, so my father sended it to repair. it camed backwith the well, with the same files, with a diferent hard drive...

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Recover or delete the files

hi. by mistake some files on my pendrive got hidden. i then copied the disk using Computer(windows explorer) and pasted it in D: . but it didn...

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Corrupted canvas- can you restore to a previous date?

Hello, I am a computer animation student and recently I was working on a project in Paint Tool Sai (it was saved as photoshop canvas) and because ...

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Outlook express address book, first names disappeared


I have a client who still uses OE6 for his pop emails. For some reason SOME of the first names in his address book disappeared. That wouldn't be so b...

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Recover all skype pictures

i have deleted my skype pictures from skype gallary and recycle bin what i do how i get back them

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Forgot my folder lock 7 password

Hello, Hello sir i have lost my master password on folder lock 7 trail version, i am using windows 7 64 bit. And i also installed folder lock soft...

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Best "hardware" diagnostic downloads


Evening: I would like feedback on the best/most comprehensive downloadable software to thoroughly check/test the MoBo, CPU, VGA card and other h...

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I am having a problem trying to open a cdr file that i think it


The file still shows up in my external drive but has an icon next to it which it did not have before (a green pencil, like the icon in my program file...

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Files lost from my thumbdrive

I tried doing the steps suggested by faith where ..'click start, then go to RUN click then type cmd then press enter then change the directory. go to ...

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hi all.i have a laptop toshiba satellite c660.about a week ago my keyboard stopped working{partially}l thought if i do a out-of-box restore,it will fi...

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Sony vaio will not boot....

Hello, I have a Sony Vaio PCG-7184L. It will not boot up at all. I have all the recovery disks and the repair disk. When I push F10 at startup, ...

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Repair corrupt .pst & .ost files


What methods exist to repair corrupt Outlook 2003 .PST & .OST files besides using the scanpst and scanost utilities? An Outlook 2003 user frequentl...

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Flash drive has files in it which is not visible

Hello, I inserted my flash drive into my brother's laptop and the antivirus software detected virus on my flash drive and the flash drive still has ...

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How to get my acer m3910 to boot up normally after factory reset

I keep getting a screen loading bios etc with a notice at the bottom with ahci port one device error then press fi to resume. afterwards it asks for ...

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Sir my ymail id password is missing plz recover my password

My ymail password is missing plez forget my password

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Hello, When switch off the laptop and then restarting it comes up with no bootable device Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 42.0.2311.111

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Corrupted pdf file

Hi I have a pdf file,which I have downloaded from internet, when I try to open it up it gives me an error that the file is corrupted and could not ...

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How can i repair dbf file

Hello I am a visual basic programmer and I know nothing about foxPro. I am given a dbf file I do not the dbase version . I need to develop an vb appli...

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Flash drive

Hello, My flash drive is not opening, while trying to open it shows please insert disk to drive G. Drive G is showing in my computer. Please answer ho...

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Winzip error folder is invalid or corrupt

I am using WINZIP to compress files. After it is done I can right-click on a Zipped file and click "explore" and see the files. But some zipped files ...

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Forgot my yahoo mail password

Dear concerns. this inform you that i have forgotten my yahoo mail password and also forgot alternative e-mail and security question, please help ...

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Flash drive does not show anything in it!!!

Hello, Today, at my working place, I used my USB and then when I came back to my personal computer, I could not find anything in the Flash drive. Al...

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Secure folder software uninstalled the software by mistake

I locked one folder in secure folder software, but i uninstalled the software by mistake, the locked folders are not visible in my laptop, i need that...

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How to restore this type of file

how do I recover my file folder on my usb flash. I recently save a file folder on my usb flash but when i try to open it the file folder became YouTub...

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Update "folder lock " loss my files

Hello, When I update "folder lock " then my lock files had loss. How can I find it? Please help me. Configuration: iPhone / Firefox 36.0

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Vaio recovery something like error 305

Hello, Due to slow performance of my system I have deleted the partition to install a fresh OS with custom size. I tried install with my recovery wh...

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Folder sunddenly folder name changed to #s1

Hello, i m using alpha folder lock v1.0 and i lock my folder and in my folder i have data more thn 10 g.b. and after i lock d folder sunddenly folde...

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Toshiba factory reset

Yes howdy after I was done with updates it went into safe mode I would like to wipe it clean factory reset can you helpI need the software for win.8...

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How to format a memory card

Hello, i am sunil chandel and i want to know that if memory card is not formatting, so how to format memory card. iska koi softwear h kya ? if softw...

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Toshiba black screen how do i boot up the computer whit out a di

Hello, my computer is on the black screen how do i boot up the computer whit out a disc i put my hord drive in and it wont boot up Configurati...

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How can i get the data from the corrupted cd?


Hello, Please having an issue with a CD that has very important data in it. And now the CD is corrupted. It's really very important!! ...

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Folder lock free v1.1

Hello, i did installed the folder lock free v1.1 successfully and locked files but to my surprise the folder lock software is throwing error message...

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Memory card cant read by samsung mobile and pc


my memory card cant open in mobile and card reader in PC. can u help

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Recovery media dis

Hi there, I replace my satellite P755 hard drive and now loss everything. I have no backup or recovery disk. I have already install fresh window 7 64...

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How to recover corrupted rar .archive?


Hi, I just downloaded a .rar archive with video data, but when I extract the .rar file using WinRAR, I received an error message: "CRC

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Lap top


Hello, forgot my password how can I get into my laptop Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 30.0.1599.82

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Recovery dvd/c packard bell

Hello, I have a packard bell easy note ts11sb. I have lost my recovery dvd. Can I download this or get they from any places from ? Configuratio...

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External files lost..

A co-worker of mine, ask if he could copy some movies on my external drive which i brought to work, he transfered the movies in the laptop which we us...

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Dell notebook

Hello, I im anna im trying to friqure out why my dell noteebook isn't turning on at all it only show a black scrren Configuration: iPhone / Chr...

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Lost my disc to set up my laptop

Hi all, I would really appreciate some help if possible. I've somehow lost my laptop box whist moving house and therefore have lost my disc to set u...

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Recovery software for .rar files


HI all. I am looking for a FREE (at least as a time limited demo) recovery software that will enable me to find and recover a few deleted .rar files. ...

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