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Recovery vista on a dell inspiron 9400


Hi, After factory recovery,I have to give a username,password and an image?I did but my laptop doesn't coninue after doing this.What can I do? t...

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Zohaib R

Toshiba l300d - system recovery/bsod ?


Hello, Long story short; my Toshiba L300D laptop is screwed. Whenever I try to log into it normally, the desktop will show up for a second then ...

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Folder.lock.v6.2.5.flk lost please help

Hello, hi guys please help i encrypt files >> about 8 gb with Folder.Lock.v6.2.5 and i did that with the slow operation it worked will and...

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How to recover lost files from pen drive?

My all files lost from my pen drive all of a sudden when I used it in my office. It contained very important files. please suggest the method to recov...

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Computer problem

3 months ago some idiot came to visit and went on my computer they were trying to download a popular game called minecraft it didn't work because m...

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Folder protect passward recovery


How can i recover my folder Protect passward

Last reply on 24 Jul 2013 by

I forgot my folder lock password


Hi guys, I forgot my folder lock password, and unlike the other posts I simply cannot remember the password, but I really need to get the photos from ...

Last reply on 17 Jul 2013 by

Password recovery software


i use a nokia 6303i classic, and i restored it and now my memory card is blocked with a password. plz help

Last reply on 1 Jul 2013 by

How to unlock memory card password


i forgot my 2GB memory card password...... i am using nokia c3 00........ can u help me to recover my memory card.....

Last reply on 25 Jun 2013 by

Sony vaio laptop running windows xp

I am trying to do a system restore on my Sony VAIO laptop. I have hit f10, which takes me to the factory page, but will not allow me to select check ...

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Unusual loss of data - need help

hi, There was a problem on the HP Elite pad laptop and the engineers had to format the same. Even though they took a backup the same was not proper...

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Recover pictures from a card

can you please help me recover pictures from a memory card? thank you. john

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Password folder password forget


--hi i installed password folder 1.1 but i forget d password i have my importnt data plzzzzzzzz help me to recover my data

Last reply on 12 Jun 2013 by

Restoring chat history on gtalk

please let me know how to retrieve the chat history of last week on gtalk, its very urgent. please help me to restore it. thanks Bithika

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Micro sd card format

My some sd card can't formated, plz can you help to solv this problem ?

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Pendrive been write protected

as my 8gb sandisk pendrive has been write protected i request yo to give me a solution how to format this write protected pendrive please . thank you

2 replies Last reply on 21 May 2013 by
anisha p ibrahim

Recovery disk

I'm looking for a full system recovery disk my HP Pavilion Windows XP media Center Edition 2005. i AM INSTALLING A NEW HARD DRIVE

1 reply Last reply on 7 May 2013 by
Zohaib R

Reset dell inspiron 6400 to factory setting

Hi, I was trying to reset my laptop by the F8 method, but unfortunately it didn't work. It was asking for a password for the administrator, when ...

1 reply Last reply on 7 May 2013 by
Zohaib R

Recovery disc

Hello, ive lost my recovery disc for windows xp, i want to download a new one but not sure how to can any1 help...... thanks

1 reply Last reply on 30 Apr 2013 by
Zohaib R

Acer aspire m1100 recovery

Hello and I thank you for any help you can give me here. I have an Acer Aspire M1100 with missing recovery disks for Windows Vista. The Acer r...

2 replies Last reply on 25 Apr 2013 by
Reha Andrew

How to install backup created from pc recovery

I have read the instruction for the re4store file and data after PC recovery from DJSMURF .But my problem is that these instructions are not compatibl...

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Recovery error

Sony vaio laptop orginal windows7 orginal recover instaling time to 75%complect. Is not complected to the recovery error code 855 . Why recovery to co...

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What data recovery software do you suggest?


Thanks for your answers! Pc Doctor ny

1 reply Last reply on 16 Apr 2013 by
Zohaib R

Black screen after windows update

Toshiba Satellite C655 was in middle of an update and lost power. Now have a black screen with an arrow and can't get past that. Can someone help,...

2 replies Last reply on 11 Apr 2013 by

Software: recovery software

HI. I would like to know weather deleted messages can be trace back? Received or sent? If its been a year or so, can we still recover? To download sof...

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Flash drive recovery

Hello, I am trying to recover lost memory from my flash drive It is not showing on my laptop when plugged in nor in my pc I know it have data in i...

2 replies Last reply on 5 Apr 2013 by
Reha Andrew

Admin password


Kindly assist with admin password for dell latitude e5500 Bios is A15 Service Tag is J8JRN4J Express service Code is 417-757-961-79 Thanks

Last reply on 30 Mar 2013 by

Sony vaio e series recovery

Hello, My hard disk crashed before I create the recovery disk. so please tell me from where I can get a recover disk and is it possible to download ...

1 reply Last reply on 21 Mar 2013 by
Zohaib R

Restore my pc gateway

Hello, Gateway goes pass gate logo and then in to windows error recovery. Do what it assk and take it to wapp paper page and stops there C...

3 replies Last reply on 20 Mar 2013 by
Zohaib R

File deleted in usb drive

Hello, I have deleted my pics from USB in error....i am trying to use this command ATTRIB -S -H *.* /S /D but nothing is happening....I have check...

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Nm index store svr.exe file interrupts while working.

Hello, The above mentioned titled file sudddenly interrupts the system while working on the middle of information. regards, vellar.

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Please help. creating second set of recovery disc hp presario


Hello, I have compaq presario CQ61-416SA notebook. I had the recovery disc , but I had lost it. I did not reformat my notebook for 2 years now. but ...

3 replies Last reply on 18 Mar 2013 by
Zohaib R

Booting problem

Hello, Plz, I need help to fix my toshiba satallite A350. It doesn't boot at all. I tried to recover it with the factory pre-recovery media (holdi...

2 replies Last reply on 14 Mar 2013 by

Recovery of factory default software problem

Hello, I made a very stupid mistake of not looking at the Quick installation guide when starting up my new Toshiba Satellite L750/0LM Notebook. Wh...

2 replies Last reply on 9 Mar 2013 by

Sony vaio s series windows 8

Hello, Good day. hello, I am using sony vaio S series (SVS131C1DW) Windows 8.. After using partition magic the computer restarted and cannot...

3 replies Last reply on 8 Mar 2013 by

Recovery of hidden folder

Hello, i installed free folder hider software and made my important folders hidden.Now i fromatted my system without unhiding that software.After fo...

1 reply Last reply on 3 Mar 2013 by

Recovery urgent

Hello, my hp computer has windows xp I can get it to boot but when I get to the login to users account I cant they are gone I really need to burn a ...

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Lost my files in folder lock


I had all of my files backed up in folder lock, absolutely everything. I tried to copy and paste 1 of many folders and somehow everything has disappea...

Last reply on 1 Mar 2013 by

Won't complete installation

Hello, I have a Sony laptop that does not allow me to complete installation of windows vista. I did not make a copy of a recovery disk, so I decid...

5 replies Last reply on 20 Feb 2013 by
Zohaib R

Recover data from sonyvaio notebook after restored fact.settings

Hello, Please help me to Recover data from a Sony Vaio Laptop having Win7 restored to factory settings. Tomichan Configuration: Windows XP...

1 reply Last reply on 20 Feb 2013 by

Sony vaio factory settings.

Hello, Can you tell me how to set my Vaio back to factory settings as I cannot find my sony disc ???will pushing alt+F10 be enough??as I intended givi...

1 reply Last reply on 19 Feb 2013 by
Zohaib R

Window7 is not doing system utility eg. defragment or recovery

Hello, my acer laptop has window 7.few days ago ,i repair my desktop screen.but after that my laptop is not shutting down and not doing defragmentati...

1 reply Last reply on 19 Feb 2013 by
Zohaib R

How to retrieve lost files in flash drives

Hello, I was trying to organize files on my flash drive and accidentally i deleted a folder in it. I tried to retrieve my lost files using the com...

1 reply Last reply on 9 Feb 2013 by

System recovery

Hello, i own a Toshiba satellite a505-s6965 i want to do a factory recovery on it because i bought it from a friend but there is a lot of junk...

1 reply Last reply on 30 Jan 2013 by
Zohaib R

Want to convert ost to pst database


Hello, i want to need best OST to PST solution.. I am in trouble please friends help me if you know how to convert OST to PST... Thanks in advanc...

Last reply on 30 Jan 2013 by


Hello, hi how can i restore my vaio vgn-cs26g to factory settings or get recovery discs i just changed my hdd. Thanks Configuration: Windows 7...

1 reply Last reply on 30 Jan 2013 by
Zohaib R

Help me to retrieve my files please

Hello, i can't see my files in my transcend usb how can i retrieve it? please help me....:( Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 24.0.1312.56

5 replies Last reply on 29 Jan 2013 by

Bluetooth device

Hello, the problem is when i open my Bluetooth device it always say "the software license not found, what does it mean? Configuration: Windows 7...

1 reply Last reply on 26 Jan 2013 by

Toshiba laptop

Hello, I have the toshiba L650 I need to set it back to factory settings, I did as instructed and pressed 0 and then pressed the power button and...

1 reply Last reply on 25 Jan 2013 by

Need a recovery software

Hello, recovery software can be downloaded from internet but I dont know please suggest how it can be done

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