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L745d-sp4172rm factory default

Hello, How do I access Toshiba recovery wizard on my system. 0, F1, and F8 are not working. Configuration: Nexus 5 / Chrome 40.0.2214.109

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Data not recover

Hello, my data is not appear ,maine sare instruction perform kr dale fir v data recovery ni ho ri? Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 40.0.2214...

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Convert ost file to pst


How can I convert an outlook OST file from a deleted exchange account to a PST without having to spend a fortune on a some conversion software. I h...

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Couldn't load file

I've tried restoring my computer and it doesn't go threw. I get a warnin box that says 'binary file ' my lap top keeps shutting off and I can't get it...

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Windows could not start because of the following

I have a problem and need some support. I will finish the information from the title area: Windows Root7\system32\hal.dll. Install a Copy Sounds ea...

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Software recovery of un readable files (encoded files)

Hello, my replaced by mistake while trying to save it. I tried to recover it by 'Revuca' file recovery software. But when I open it it was not readab...

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Compact/repair mdb files without access installed


Greetings, experts I would like to know if is posible to compact/repair a MDB file without the MS Office installed on the computer. Thanks for t...

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Sd card was damaged and it was not recognized by my lap

Hello, my sd card was damaged and it was not recognized by my lap so its any way to recover my files from that sd card ???

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Recovery partition in toshiba satalite pro l450 12x

Hello, im wishing to know ,i bought a toshiba laptop ^ with built in recovery partition is it possibly some one as stole, the recovery partition oh a...

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How to install whatsapp on my computor

am failing to install whatsApp on my computer

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I formatted my pen drive

Hello, i have formatted my pen drive by mistake? how can i recover my data? please help. thanks, hossain Configuration: Windows 7 / Interne...

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Sony vaio s.m.a.r.t drive not working

Hey! So I have a Sony viao, model number SVE15123CDW. About 4-5 months ago it pretty much crashed and every time I try turning it on a message s...

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Forgot pasword to laptop


I forgot pasword to laptop and I've tried all the tips on how to recover passwords or reset system and have gotten nowhere. The only program to work w...

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False "(?)" positives generated by the use of nirsofer software

Dear Forum moderator, Hope this is the correct forum for this question. I used to be able to use Nirsofer tools on Microsoft platforms to check an...

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Format hp flash disk 8gb

help me to format hp flash disk 8gb write protected,read only i'm used diskpart does not accepted please help

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How can i recover deleted foldes?

hi everyone. I'd recently formatted a computer and i hoped to recover some of the files that it had using recuva or same other piece of software(i kno...

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Reinstalling recovery

Hello, i have a strange question my daughter has a acer laptop.somehow all programs has been earsed the question i have is. can i download the recov...

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License code registry reviver


Pls give License code for registry reviver

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No u r an idiot

Persario s4000v hp factory install win xp home

would not boot no way no recovery no ntldrfiles and about 200 more missing. downloaded full install win xp started to installing then wow to my disli...

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Micro sd format


I tried searching kioskea and google.The threads and problem were similar to mine but not exactly same as I could not find the solution for myself in ...

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Restore from .bak file issue.


First off thanks for reading, I am new to SQL (SQL Server 2000). Unfortunatley I just had the array my Data was on and my tape backup get toasted, I w...

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Gmail password

Dear sir i have forgotten me gmail password and recvery email is not working . and sms code is no not comming how to sign in my gmail. please help m...

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Wants to learn more about software recovery

how can one recover the software application incase of any damages

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Hp pavilion 8.1


I forgot my system and administrative passwords all I get is a blue screen and a box that allows me to type the password in. After two tries a number...

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Computer restores internet access?

Hello, When the computer restores will I have an internet program so that I can use that permanently/install another or do I have to have a disc o...

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Hp mini 2140

What do i need for my hp mini 1240it says nonsystem disc error or replace strike any key to conti ue

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Wd passport hard drive is not detecting in any of laptop or desk

Hi Techies, My WD MY passport Hard disk is not detecting since 1 week as it was working perfect earlier . only Ligh tis coming and staying like ...

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Autocad files corrupted


I need to recover my autocad files. Every time I try to open a .dwg file it says "drawing file is not valid". I tried to open the .bak, but it havi...

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Restore factory settings for toshiba c850d

My son has installed Umbuntu on this PC that was supplied with WIndows 8. We dont have any recovery disks, is there a way to get it back to factory s...

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Software to recover a corrupted ms project file


I can see the data thru ms project view and csv, but the flag that marks it a disabled item is doesn't seem to want to unflag.

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Plz i need help with assigment!


ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION You are employed by a computer network sales and support company located at Kingswood. Your company provides clients with rec...

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How long did this take to fully restore the laptop

Hello, How long did this take to fully restore the laptop? Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

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Help....rebooting toshiba satellite p300

Good Afternoon. I wish to sell my Laptop & wish to reboot it to factory settings. I have so far been unsuccessful in my attempts to do this using t...

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Recovering sim messages

Your ad said that you had free sim recovery software, but all I've done is fill out questionaires.

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Toshiba satellite recovery usb


Hi there I have a 5 year old Toshiba Satellite A300-08D. It has just died (power is going to the laptop based on the fact that when it's plugged i...

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Recovery softwere

Hello, how to recovery my video data from my hard disc after delete please give solvasion

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How to recover my lost file from my pen drive ?

Hello, My all files lost from my pen drive all of a sudden when I used it in my office. It contained very important files. please suggest the met...

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What can i do to my lost camera photos?


Do you have any idea to help me regain my camera photos? Last year, as a graduation present, I received a Nikon camera to record the left previous tim...

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I forgot my password of folder lock

Sir I forgot my password of Folder Lock 5.50 version,file version copywrite kaka Soft.Plz solve my problem. Thanking You.

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How to retrieve lost files in flash drives

Hello, today I cut n paste a photo folder from memory card to USB flash drive. then again I cut that image folder from flash drive tried to paste it...

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Hp labtop cannot start up help

Hello, I have an HP pavilion g6, when I press the power button and it goes the light and the fan on for just less than 2 second and then it off an...

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Dell hardware and recoverys help center problem

Hello, OK, so I tried to access the help center and was asked what to open it with. I picked my Microsoft Word Program. Big mistake. Now it wil...

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Flash drive recovery


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Folder lock 7

I forgot my master password of folder lock and folder lock also has been got expired, please help me out so I can retrive my all personal data....

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Computer wont reboot

I accidently deleted all my restore points s and now my computer wont reboot. All it does id say the words repairing but then shuts down and starts wi...

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Windows 7

Can I use a Windows XP disc to repair Windows 7?

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Toshiba satellite c655d s5533 out of box reset

Toshiba satellite c655d s5533 needs to be rest to out of box experience.. anybody..?

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Forgot password to email and facebook

Good day! Can you help me i have problem in logging in to my yahoo and facebook i forgot my password how can reset my passwor please help...

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Memory card

my sony 4gb memory stik pro not reading in my laptop and my pc where other cards are working fine. how can i recover my data.those data are very impor...

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Jcharles Brown

Acer aspire 4720z recovery discs

I have 2 acers one is a aspire4720z the ather is a aspire 5315 witch was runnin vista basics turnd it and it says need a bootable devicevwitch I do no...

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