The best free-to-play Android games in January 2023

The best free-to-play Android games in January 2023

Here we have collected the best of free mobile games that you can find in Google Play in the first month of 2023 and play alone, with a partner or with friends.

Street Drag 2

Developer:  Cerberus Studio Inc.

Street Drag 2 is one of the best racing simulators of recent years. You can race in America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, compete with other players and constantly upgrade your car. You can create your own unique car by choosing from a huge set of parameters, or enter the characteristics of any of the existing car models. Different modes and challenges are available, so you can modify the game almost endlessly.

© Cerberus Studio inc.

CRSED: Cuisine Royale

Developer: Darkflow Studio/Gaijin Entertainment 

CRSED: Cuisine Royale (formerly called Cuisine Royale) is an online multiplayer battle royale shooter developed by Darkflow Studio and Gaijin Entertainment. You will become one of several dozen players doomed to battle each other on the map. Only the winner remains! The game has single, double and team modes, in addition, you can play in the first or third person. This game does not have the classic battle royale parachuting/insertion, but, in addition to conventional weapons, offers a magical arsenal and many abilities, such as gravity boots, slowing down time, zombie assistance, stealth mode or turning into a beast.

© Gaijin Distribution KFT

Ricochet Squad 

Developer: Keystorm 

Ricochet Squad is a new multiplayer third-person shooter where you can become a super hero, slaying your enemies, destroying obstacles and collecting your abilities. You have a choice of several characters, different modes and a variety of weapons and explosives.




Developer: Kakao Games

Eversoul is an idle RPG similar to AFK Arena or Idle Heroes. It was created in South Korea and has an anime visual style and a leisurely oriental philosophy. At a certain point in the game, while developing your characters and the world around them, you will have to be patient and wait for the next day until the game itself gives you new resources with which you can move on. Create your own city, collect unique souls, level up and interact with them, complete missions and protect the parallel world from monsters and take a break from the game while it develops itself.

© Kakao Games Corp.

Ninja Must Die

Developer: Pandada Games 

Ninja Must Die is a side-scrolling mobile fighting platform game inspired by Japanese ink-wash painting style. Clouds are gathering in the Land of Sunny Dawns, as the confrontation between corrupt samurai and ninjas, faithful to the old traditions and laws, is growing. In this combat runner, your mission is to become a ninja master, fight bosses and solve puzzles, join other ninjas, upgrade your equipment and weapons, and collect relics.

© Pandada Games

AutoChess Moba

Developer: AutoChess Moba

The world of AutoChess Moba is a chess kingdom in which players become the pieces of this game. It is a MOBA game with an asymmetrical map where you are called upon to develop your tactics and strategy on a volatile battlefield, fight as a team, acquire and equip heroes with various items with active abilities. All heroes are completely free.

© AutoChess Moba

Spider Fighter 3

Developer: Starplay

The first Spider Fighter was a shooter developed back in the early 80s for the iconic Atari 2600. Since then, a lot has changed in the world of computer games, but in Spider Fighter 3 the old story is back, but on a new level. In this brand new AAA game, you have to fight city gangs in a full 3D environment. Use melee attacks or ranged attacks, fly, protect the inhabitants of the city and defeat bandits and corrupted officials.

© Starplay DMCC
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