Check your PlayStation 2023 wrap-up: statistics, not working

Check your PlayStation 2023 wrap-up: statistics, not working

Every December, PlayStation sums up the year on its gaming platform with a kind of hit parade, publishing a list of the most successful games and providing subscribers with data on the number of hours played, prizes earned and much more. Here you will learn how to get your PS 2023 wrap-up, as well as new features - digital cards for your achievements and other PlayStation Christmas gifts.

What is PlayStation wrap-up?

If you're a PS4 or PS5 gamer, you can access the PlayStation 2023 review right now. In it you'll find stats for your gaming year, including information on how many total hours you played in 2023, how many total games you played, as well as a list of games you played, what game you played for the first time in 2023, and what trophies you earned. The "Your Gaming Style" metric gives you an idea of what genre of games you play primarily. These results will be available until January 12, 2024, and will be updated with your latest achievements over Christmas and New Year.

How to get a PlayStation wrap-up?

Getting a personalized PlayStation wrap-up is easy. You will find it if you go to this Sony page and log in with your PlayStation Network account here.

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You may have to try several times, as too many users may try to access the statistics at the same time and overload the Playstation servers.

What are PS wrap-up digital rating cards?

This year, PlayStation debuted what it calls digital cards that reflect your best gaming performance. You can get them here and share them with your friends. This is an example of the digital cards published by Sid Human, the Senior Director, SIE Content Communications of PlayStation:

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PlayStation Christmas Gifts: Digital Avatar and PlayStation Stars Collection

You can also redeem your own PS avatar as well as a PlayStation Stars digital collectible featuring a Marvel's Spider-Man Spider-Bot as part of your 2023 Wrap-Up experience.

My PlayStation wrap-up is not working? How to fix it?

Are you trying to log into your rating but it's not working and you see the message "Application Error: An exception occurred on the client side" or something similar? In this case, some users advise logging into the PlayStation Store and then, without logging out, go to the rating page, updating it using Ctrl+F5). If this doesn't work, try contacting PlayStation support.

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