PlayStation 4: tips and tricks

PlayStation 4: tips and tricks

Even though we are in the era of the Next-Gen consoles and although the PlayStation 5 has officially been released, the PlayStation 4 is still a console that has a great variety of services and features that facilitate and make its use a truly memorable experience, especially if we consider that the PS5 is still not readily available to purchase! In this article, we made a compilation of the tricks that further expand its possibilities.

Here is a list of the best tricks and settings that you can apply to your PS4 console.

Rest Mode Settings

If you want to enjoy a game from the moment you launch your PS4, you should know that you can set up the console to download games and updates while in Rest Mode. This handy option also prevents the console from consuming too much power. To access it, go to Settings, then select Power Saving Settings, go to Set Features Available in Rest Mode and from there click Stay Connected to the Internet.

Controller Battery Saving

To save some of the controller battery, reduce the intensity of the DualShock's light. To do so, go to Settings and select Devices and from there, go to Controllers and after that, Brightness of DualShock 4.

Auto Power Off

If you want to set an exact time you want your console to turn off, go to Settings, from there choose Power saving settings and then select Set time to turn off your PS4.

Customize Controller’s Buttons

To do so, go to Settings, choose Accessibility, click Button assignments and adjust the mapping.

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Quick Access to Apps

With just a double tap of the PS button of the controller, you can switch between the last two applications used.

Turn on the TV from the Console

To do this, however, you will need to have a SmartTV that has this feature. You will only have to configure it as indicated by the manufacturer and with the console access from Settings, then System and check Enable HDMI Device Link.

Backup Game Data to Your USB

Connect the USB to the input port of the console and go to Settings, from there, choose Application Saved Data Management, then select Saved Data in System Storage. Next, tab Copy to USB Storage Device and then select the game data of your choice.

Share Screen with Other Users

If you want to show another user your screen in real-time, first, they must be on your friends list. Then, you have to host a party and choose from there Share Play. Next, select Start from the party screen.

Shortcut to Screenshot or Recording

By holding down the Share button of the controller, you can take a screenshot. Double-tab to start a recording.

Content Restriction

It is possible to restrict the little ones' access to certain games, applications, or the PlayStore. To do this, go to Settings and select Parental Control/Family Management.

Change the Appearance of the Notifications

You can set up the appearance and the appearance of the notifications by selecting Settings and then Notifications.

Smartphone as a Second Screen

To do this, both your smartphone and PS4 have to be connected to the same network. Also, you need to have the PS4 Second Screen app installed on your mobile device. Once you make sure this is done, go to Settings, choose Mobile App Connection Settings and then Add device. Next, open the PS4 Second Screen app from your smartphone and sync the devices.

Hide Games from the Library

If you do not want certain games to be visible through your account, select the game from the library and click the Options button of the controller. Next, select the Do not show content item in [Purchased] option.

Voice Commands

For this you will need a compatible microphone or the PlayStation Camera. Once everything is correctly connected, say PlayStation and the mode will get activated. There are commands that allow you to message, make adjustments, access groups or games, and get screenshots.

Reset Your PS4

To set up the factory settings, go to Settings, choose Initialize PS4, and select Full.

Available Storage Space

If you want to know much available space is left, click Settings, then Storage and you will have access to all the information.

Facial Recognition

If you have a compatible camera or the PlayStation Camera, you can enable Facial recognition to access your account. To do this, go to Settings, select Access settings, then tap Turn on facial recognition and configure the settings.

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