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Hiren's BootCD

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15.2 (latest version)
Hiren's BootCD
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Hiren's BootCD is a bootable CD containing a set of tools that can be of great help when the system fails to start. It can also work on a USB key.

Key features

Hiren's BootCD brings lots of tools designed to solve issues related to the operating system and is in the form of a bootable CD. It is also possible to copy the software on a USB storage device. This software offers many antiviruses that perform scans at start-up. Effective, these programs can detect potential threats such as trojans, worms or spyware. Hiren's BootCD also provides various tools for creating backup of data on local disks. Among these tools include CloneDisk, CopyWipe or DiskImage. Using tools included in this program, the user can navigate through files on the hard drive and even edit if the system does not start. Ext2Explore utility allows users to browse different hard drive partitions.


This software is downloadable free of charge. It includes many tools.


This file is too large. A complete list of available software here.


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