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Restoring your Nokia phone

May 2016

Sometimes phones cut off users while they're speaking. Resetting the phone can help restoring the phone's settings. Before opting for a reset, the data stored on the phone should be backed up, as it will be deleted and impossible to restore.

This article gives two methods of resetting Nokia phone to its factory settings.

Sometimes simple handsets can cut out or stall, in which case they need to be reset. There are two ways of doing this: the Normal and the Deep reset. Resetting in Normal mode uses a different combination of key sequences from Deep mode. This article also highlights the need to create a data backup as resetting will delete data from the phone memory.

Normal Reset

Dial *#7780#.

This will restore ini files from ROM, keeping all your data (themes, third party applications, video, photos, and music files).

Deep Reset

Dial *#7370#. This will completely reformat the phone memory. Default files are cleaned and rewritten. Note that all data found on the memory card will not be altered.

How to proceed

When using Symbian60 v1 based phones like Nokia 7650, 3650 or Ngage models, these two key sequences should be entered in the same way you dial a phone number. On the latest S60 phones, you should try a Deep Reset, using the following steps:
  • Turn off the phone
  • Press the green/talk, 3 and * keys simultaneously and hold them down.
  • Wait for the onscreen Format message, then release the keys.
  • Note that before trying a reset on Nokia's latest phone (N96), by using the *#7370# or the three finger method, you need to backup your files, as the reset will automatically delete important data.
  • The licence for pre-loaded contents (music, video, maps, etc.) and pre-installed applications (N-gage).

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