Install the Microsoft Access 64-bit ODBC driver

Install the Microsoft Access 64-bit ODBC driver

This article will teach you how to install the Microsoft Access 64-bit ODBC driver, as well as how to fix problems with ODBC when using Java to access a Microsoft Access database in the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Professional.

Hot to instal ODBC drivers on Windows 64-bit?

To install and configure the ODBC driver for Microsoft Access Office Software, you have to download the 64-bit ODBC driver from the ftp files directory of the IBM Websphere database. Download the driver list on to a temporary directory. Now, give the command tar -xvf file_name.tar to untar the files and then placefile_name.tar in the nameof the file selected before as the ftp file. After running the script/setup commands, there are some prompts to follow as to complete the ODBC driver installation. Lastly, you must configure the odbc.ini file. Once the ODBC Driver is installed, edit the system information file, name it odbc.ini, and set or modify the attributes of this file as required

How to deal with an ODBC driver problem with Java?

Are you having problems with ODBC when using Java to access a database in Microsoft Access on a system running Windows 7 Professional (64-bit)? Installing the 64-bit version of the ODBC driver may solve the problem.

You can do so by running the following utility:



  • In Project Properties, go to Compiler
  • Click Advanced compilation
  • Change "Unit ventral target" and choose "x86"
  • Recompile
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