How to use conditional formatting in Excel

How to use conditional formatting in Excel

Conditional formatting in Microsoft Excel allows you to apply lots of different effects on cells based on their individual and a given condition. Here's a simple way to apply conditional formatting to your document.

What is conditional formatting?

In Excel, conditional formatting is the ability to apply various effects (such as color, etc.) and post-treatment for a range of cells depending on if each cell has met or not a given condition. For example, you may find it useful to automatically color in red all the cells with a negative result. 

How to apply conditional formatting?

  • Select the range of cells to that you want to apply conditional formatting.
  • On the Home tab, click on Conditional Formatting.
  • Select the actions to be performed depending on the conditions to meet.

If you have any further questions, Microsoft offers a video on this subject on its website.

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