Transfer a worksheet to another Excel workbook: without VBA

Transfer a worksheet to another Excel workbook: without VBA

In case you work in one Excel workbook that you'd like to move to another one, there is a simple solution that doesn't require knowing macros or VBA codes – it can be done in a few simple clicks. Read on to find out how to transfer a worksheet to another Excel file.

How to transfer worksheet to another Excel file?

To transfer one worksheet to another Excel workbook, follow these instructions:

1. Open your workbook and right-click on the tab of the sheet you want to copy.

2. Select Move or Copy option from the drop-down menu and the prompt window will open.

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3. Now you can select whether you want to copy this worksheet to a new workbook or to an existing one. Select the one of your choice from the drop-down menu.

Note: If you want to move your worksheet into an existing workbook, it has to be open. Otherwise, it won’t appear on the list.

4. Select where you’d like to insert a worksheet in the Before Sheet section.

5. Check mark the Create a Copy tab and then click OK. You will see your worksheet successfully added to another workbook.

Note: Be careful : if you don't check the Create a Copy box, the sheet will move without creating a copy and you will not be able to find the original in the folder.

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