Terms of Use for CCM.net

April 2018


These terms of use have been written in order to inform users of the site http://ccm.net/ of its conditions of use, in particular for using of communications services (such as the bulletin board) which let users the world over, typically from different cultures, have discussions online.

Any person who visits the site is considered a user, whether he or she is logged in or not.

CCM.net's bulletin board is open to everyone, to allow as many people as possible to freely discuss subjects relating to computing and other forms of information technology. However, in order to ensure the best possible quality of these discussions and to protect users from insulting or inappropriate messages, the board is subject to post-moderation. This means that a select group of people (the moderators) can delete messages that do not comply with these terms of use.


CCM.net makes free documentation about information technology, along with online services, available to everyone. CCM.net was developed in order to offer a high-quality free service to its users to share information about new media technology. Among these users are underage children, students, people at work, and retirees seeking to deepen their knowledge of information technology.

Because of this, all users of the site are bound to respect other users by demonstrating a community spirit in accordance with the site's philosophy.

The terms of use are divided into five categories:

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