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Hot Potatoes is a program that enables to create different types of exercises on the internet. It helps in the improvement of language and creation skills.

Key features

Creation: The steps in creating the exercises in Hot Potatoes are simple. The user has just to enter the data, configure the output by following all the instructions and then compile the exercises into HTML pages. After that, he just has to publish it online.

Modules: In Hot Potatoes, the user can enter exercises like multiple-select questions, jumble-sentence, gap-fill and short-answer. There are also exercises where the user can put the timing and make it more real like in schools.

Scoring: Every answer in Hot Potatoes can now be marked and stored. That is to say, after the student answered some questions and decided to log out, he can come back any time and have his scores recorded.

Security: Hot Potatoes has an option where it is able to protect the copyright of the author. Before creating the data, the user can register his name. This will be added at the end of each exercise.


Hot Potatoes here is a freeware version.


Nothing to report.


Alternative spelling: setup_hotpot_6.3.exe

Latest update on June 3, 2015 at 04:47 AM.

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