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Frequency Analyzer

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Frequency Analyzer
Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 2000 - English
Frequency Analyzer is software designed to analyze the frequency of an audio by converting it to voltage. For that, it divides the sound in many components that is called sine waves.

Key features

Importing: with Frequency Analyzer, the user is allowed to import files from the hard disc or by capturing sound using a microphone connected to the computer. After that, it displays the frequency on window down left.

Converting: indeed, Frequency Analyzer is able to convert sound into voltage. The latter is then transformed into sine wave that will be displayed in the upper right window of the program interface.

Calculate: Frequency Analyzer uses the algorithm called the fast Fourier transform or FFT. In this way, it calculates the digital signals that are the components of a sound. The user is allowed to increase the speed of the computer's sound card to get an accurate graph.


Frequency Analyzer can be used and downloaded for free.

The user interface is easy to handle.


It only supports 3 kind of format which are WAV, mike and Bitmap files.


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My favourite to demo sound in my physics classroom. No good numbers - but very visual
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