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8 Ball Pool

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8 Ball Pool
Android iPhone - English

A classic game that you can now play on the go, anytime!

Registration date
Monday November 25, 2019
Last seen
January 16, 2021
8 Ball Pool is lauded as being the n°1 Pool game in the world. This application is free of charge for a limited period of time. To start a match, the gamer just has to sign in using a Miniclip or a Facebook account. Gamers can compete with other snooker players and legends scattered all over the world.
8 Ball Pool is an online billiard game that includes tournaments. The player can take the world in 1-on-1 matches to win trophies or just train and gain experience before entering tournaments. Both the cue stick and the pool table can be customized depending on the player's needs and preferences. Winning a paramount tournament can earn players exclusive and high-quality cue sticks. Every time a player wins a game session, 8 Ball Pool will advance the player onto a higher level. Ranking increases as long as a game is won. As a result of this, they can reach other exclusive match locations to play against the best Pool players in the world.
Before starting a new session, you can choose to gamble on Pool Coins. If the pool player scores and wins the match, he owns Coins. The stakes increase as a player advance through the levels. Note that new items can be bought in the Pool Shop.

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This app is also available for download on iOS
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