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GO Keyboard (Emoji Free) is an application allowing users to add a more personalized touch to his mobile phone keyboard. This Emoji free keyboard is offering various themes, Emoji and keyboard layouts in its database. Typing a text can be quickened. This app is developed by GO Dev Team and can work on all Android mobile phones and tablets.

Key Features

GO Keyboard (Emoji Free) enables to quickly type a text on the Android device. Integrated with an accurate auto-correction and a next-word prediction, the number of mistakes on each typed phrase is greatly reduced. The Swipe typing Mode is enhanced for this version. This application gathers about 800 free Emoji, emoticons and text face display that can be used directly via the keyboard. Apart from that, it also offers no less than 140 personalized themes that are constantly updated. Thanks to this app, the user can be sure to have all his sensitive private data entirely secure. Indeed, GO Keyboard (Emoji Free) is designed to block collecting private information such as password or credit cards. This is making the app quite interesting compared to other keyboard apps of its genre. More than 60 languages are supported by this application. This is essential if the user has to type other language than English. GO Keyboard (Emoji Free) can support English, French and German and still many others.


GO Keyboard (Emoji Free) is downloadable free of charge. It perfectly supports 5", 7", 9" and 10" tablets.


Latest update on May 25, 2016 at 05:08 AM.
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