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Rave is a video viewing application that allows you to connect with your friends to watch the same programs together synchronously. This app is compatible with programs like Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube, to name a few.

Once you have downloaded it, you will see different channels related to the various platforms where you can watch the same program at the same time as your friends. In the case of paid services, such as Netlfix and Disney+, you will obviously need to have your own account to access this content. Whilst you are streaming your favourite shows you can comment on what you’re watching in a chat window that allows voice and text messages.

Rave also allows you to share videos via the cloud in programs such as Google Drive, or Dropbox to watch them at the same time as your friends. If you are feeling more music, there are fun options like remote karaoke and listening to the same music at the same time so you can have a remote party! Finally with RaveVR you can share virtual reality content with others. It is compatible with Samsung Gear VR (Oculus) and Google Daydream.

Other Systems

Rave is also available to download for iOS devices from the Apple Store here.

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