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Disclaimer: the official website of this product is closed, thus the software may not work on your computer, or run with recurring error messages. We recommend that you consider some extensions for Chrome with similar functionalities.

Gmail Notifier is a software completing Gmail’s functionalities. The application notifies you of new messages coming to your mailbox.

Key Features

Message account

Gmail Notifier takes into account all messages you receive in your mailbox without having to open Gmail via a web browser. The application also allows its users to count, read and delete some messages. New alerts of incoming emails will be sent to you.

Quick Overview

The notification does not come alone; it is accompanied with an overview of the incoming emails. For that, you just have to point the message with the cursor to read a sample of the mail. This method can actually prioritize reading important messages.


The application includes a filter that prevents your mailbox from being invaded by advertisings and spams. The user can also create a list of email addresses to block.

Gmail Notifier keeps the main option of its creator, that is to say, the program allows you to perform searches without having to open a web page.

Please note that there may be some failures on Windows 7.

Is It Free?

This tool can be downloaded and used for free.