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  • Developer 9Folders Inc.
  • Version 4.9.0c
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Nine Email is an all-in-one application to interconnect and share emails, calendars, data, and tasks coming from different servers inside the same application without having to change them. Having to work with different teams already using different servers for their emails and daily tasks can be difficult, therefore, an application like Nine Email can be an efficient way to link email accounts creating an easy user experience with a supported exchange server.

What are the key features of Nine Email?

  • Automatization: You can link accounts from different software, if you already own an email address belonging to Office, Outlook, G Suite, Hotmail, and more, the app will automatically make the conversion and redirect your emails to your new email address, making a direct automatization without the need of any manual modification.
  • Security: The app offers end-to-end encryption making all of the information and data shared through the app safe and secure. It allows enterprises to easily interconnect other security applications and software with easy integration granting even bigger protection.
  • More than Emails: The application allows all of the interconnected users to receive automatizations and push-up notifications for more than emails. Mobile devices can be notified of calendar meetings, tasks to be done, can share notes between users, and any other kind of information needed.
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Is Nine Email free?

Nine Email offers a Free Trial for two weeks without the need of introducing a credit card.

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