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With Winmail.dat Explorer you can open 'winmail dat' (winmail.dat) attachments. It also allows the user to access the content, whether it is RTF text or attached files.

What is Winmail.dat?

Winmail.dat is a file format containing email messages from Microsoft Outlook. Unfortunately, operating systems like iOS or macOS can't natively open those emails, so they have to rely on third-party solutions. Therefore, you are likely to receive an email in that format if the sender sent the email in a format that cannot natively be read.

What are the key features of Winmail.dat Explorer?

  • Use an external viewer: Once your file is extracted, you are free to open it with an external viewer.
  • Download: You can also save the contained attachments to a location of your choice or share them.
  • Interface: this software has the classic Windows look to make it easy for everyone.
  • Quick and light on resources: this program allows fast downloads and doesn't slow down the performance of your computer.
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How to open Winmail dat?

  1. Once Winmail.dat Explorer is launched, click on Open dat.
  2. Select your Winmail.dat file, and open it.
  3. Please note that Winmail.dat works only with winmail.dat files (TNEF), so you must ensure that your file isn't a different file type with a '.dat' extension.

Is WinMail.dat Explorer free?

This app is free, and you don't need any other in-app purchases to open your files. There is an optional paid Pro version that will remove the ads.

Is it safe?

Yes, WinMail.dat Explorer is safe to use.

Why do emails come through as Windmail dat?

It can happen because the email is sent by someone using Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Format (RTF) format for the message or because Outlook is set to use the default settings (and not all email services can read it).

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