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  • Version 9.1.1
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CrystalDiskInfo is a useful software that completely scans your disks, displays many relevant pieces of information, and helps you detect and consult possible usage errors.

What are the key features of CrystalDiskInfo?

  • Interface: All the different menus are pretty self-descriptive and minimalistic and let you quickly consult all the information you need. Also, several themes are available.
  • Ahead of the curve: Featuring support for S.M.A.R.T technology, CrystalDiskInfo helps you prevent and detect possible disk surface errors and act appropriately before it happens. Many functional attributes are listed, including Read Error Rate, Spin-Up Time, Start/Stop Count, Reallocated Sectors Count, Seek Error Rate, and lots more.
  • Visual: You can quickly consult the more important information on the colorful graph automatically generated by CrystalDiskInfo and immediately spot if something went wrong.
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  • Secure: You can manually and easily configure an alert mail to be sent in case something wrong happens. That way, you can use CrystalDiskInfo to watch over all your storage devices with complete peace of mind.
  • Report: As it supports Event Log, you can automatically keep track of every event that happened.
  • Complete: It allows you to check all the technical data of your hard disks (brand, model, size, cache, serial number, firmware, etc.). In addition, you can also check other details about the status of your disks, including temperature, performance, error rate, and more.
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How to use CrystalDiskInfo?

Once installed and launched, CrystalDiskInfo will automatically deliver the scan results. You can consult all the resulting information and check if measures must be taken. You can also consult all the supported external drives on the official website.

Is it free?

Yes, CrystalDiskInfo is free to use.

Is it safe?

CrystalDiskInfo is a program you can use safely, as it doesn't contain any malware.

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