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WhoCrashed: Your one-click wonder for solving Windows crashes! This savvy tool dives into crash dumps, spotlighting rogue drivers behind those frustrating, sudden reboots. Say goodbye to blue/black screens of mystery - WhoCrashed translates techy details into easy insights, guiding you to the root of hardware hiccups.

What is WhoCrashed?

WhoCrashed is a user-friendly tool for diagnosing Windows computer crashes. It efficiently identifies drivers causing system issues through post-mortem crashdump analysis, presenting information in an easily understandable format.

This software is beneficial for pinpointing driver malfunctions and kernel errors, common culprits behind sudden reboots and crashes without blue or black screens.

Additionally, WhoCrashed offers guidance in tracing the causes of hardware failure, eliminating the need for advanced debugging skills or tools. With just one click, it reveals the problematic drivers disrupting your computer.

What are the key features of WhoCrashed?

  • Crash dump analysis just for you: Think of WhoCrashed as your personal detective for uncovering the mysteries behind your computer's crashes. It dives into the crash dump files - like your PC's black boxes, recording crucial data during a crash. By analyzing these, WhoCrashed can often reveal the core issue that led to the unfortunate crash.
  • An intuitive interface: No need to be a tech wizard! WhoCrashed is designed with you in mind, featuring an interface that's easy to navigate. It'll guide you step by step through the crash analysis process, turning complex diagnostics into a more straightforward task.
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  • Detailed and precise reports: After WhoCrashed finishes its analysis, you'll get a detailed report. This isn't just a jumble of technical jargon. It's a straightforward, comprehensible breakdown of what went wrong and why. Think of it as a health check-up result for your PC, explaining the cause of the problem in a language you can understand.
  • Driver identification - pinpointing the culprits: Faulty drivers are among the most common villains behind system crashes. WhoCrashed is like a skilled detective, identifying which driver might be causing the trouble. This feature is convenient, as it helps you target the specific issue without unnecessary guesswork.
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  • Online crash analysis - extra help when needed: crashes can sometimes be complex puzzles. If WhoCrashed hits a roadblock, there's an option for online analysis. This means you can send your crash data to a broader database for more in-depth analysis, giving you an even better chance of solving the crash mystery.
  • System compatibility: Whether using an older version of Windows or the latest one, WhoCrashed has got you covered. Its wide compatibility range means it's likely to work seamlessly with your system, ensuring you're not left out in the cold with an incompatible tool.
  • Stay up-to-date with regular updates: The world of technology is constantly changing, and so is WhoCrashed. With regular updates, it stays equipped to handle new crashes and remains compatible with the latest Windows updates. This way, it's always ready to assist you, regardless of your PC's age.
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How to use WhoCrashed?

Enable or check crash dumps

To make WhoCrashed able to analyze your system crashes, your computer must create crash dump files after a severe system error. Your system might already be set up to generate these dumps. To check, run WhoCrashed, hit the Analyze button, and see if it indicates that crash dumps are active on your PC.

To manually set up your computer for comprehensive crash dumps (steps can vary depending on your OS version) :

  1. Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Properties."
  2. Go to the "Advanced" tab and find "Startup and Recovery" settings.
  3. Choose "Complete memory dump" in these settings for thorough results. Note that certain conditions must be met for this to work effectively. Opt for a "Small memory dump" if these aren't viable. These are more compact and might not have all the details to pinpoint the crash's exact cause, but they're a good alternative.

No crash dumps

If crash dumps are not written out, you may find it helpful to consult these solutions.


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Is WhoCrashed free?

Yes, WhoCrashed is free to use.

Is WhoCrashed safe?

WhoCrashed is considered safe to use.