AIDA64 Extreme Edition free for PC

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  • Developer FinalWire
  • Version 6.25.5400
  • License Shareware
  • Language en

Knowing or learning about the components of a machine to get an idea of its power and its potential is not always an easy task. AIDA64 Extreme Edition software can assist you in this project.

What are the key features of AIDA64 Extreme Edition?

  • Diagnosis: AIDA64 Extreme Edition launches a complete diagnosis of the components of a computer such as CPU, BIOS, monitor, RAM, motherboard, graphics card and more. It provides detailed information on each component, namely the manufacturer, specifications, or other relevant information.
  • Test: it also performs tests to determine the performance of each component and to get an idea of the overall power of the machine. For example, the application can perform tests on "Hyper-Threading", processors, network and others.
  • Information: AIDA64 Extreme Edition also provides information on the condition and state of components. It helps for example to be aware of the temperature of the processor, the rotational speed of the processor fan, the voltage of some components, and so on. This information can be useful, especially for those who practice the "overclocking" (process of making a component or computer operate faster).
  • Condition: you can also access the information on the proper functioning of software or the operating system, some data about the license, versions, etc. To simplify things, you can also have a text file version of each test or information.

Is it free?

This is a free trial version. The license costs $39.95.