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Unleash your PC's full potential with AIDA64 Extreme! Dive deep into diagnostics, push performance limits with robust benchmarking, and customize real-time monitoring dashboards. Precision and insight, all in one tool.

What is AIDA64 Extreme?

AIDA64 Extreme is a powerhouse for diagnosing, benchmarking, and stress-testing PCs, offering a deep dive into system diagnostics with detailed reports on hardware and software configurations.

Indeed, it rocks in performance analysis through advanced benchmarking and stability testing, ensuring every component withstands extreme conditions.

Through the SensorPanel, you can tailor a real-time dashboard to monitor vital stats. Its precision in hardware detection and support for external displays make it an essential tool for enthusiasts seeking comprehensive insights without opening their machine.

What are the key features of AIDA64 Extreme?

  • Diagnostics: At its core, AIDA64 Extreme is a vast knowledge repository, offering detailed insights into your computer's hardware setup and software environment. It meticulously compiles over 100 pages of reports, covering everything from your system's hardware configuration to software installations, license details, security measures, and Windows configurations. Hence, you can get a complete overview of your system's health and operational status.
  • Benchmarking: AIDA64 pushes your system's performance boundaries by incorporating a robust suite of 64-bit benchmarks. These tests are designed to quantify your computer's capacity for handling various data processing tasks and mathematical operations. Moreover, it features specialized benchmarks for assessing memory and cache, providing a clear picture of your system's RAM bandwidth and latency.
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  • Stress testing: To ensure system stability under heavy loads, AIDA64 Extreme includes a rigorous stress testing module. This tool puts your computer in extreme conditions, leveraging a 64-bit multi-threaded approach to identify potential weak points. It extends its testing to hard disks, SSDs, and even OpenCL GPGPU video adapters, ensuring every component is tested to its limits.
  • Software audit: Echoing its diagnostic capabilities, AIDA64 Extreme also performs a comprehensive audit of your software environment. It generates detailed reports on installed applications, license statuses, security tools, and system configurations. Additionally, it provides insights into running processes, services, DLL files, startup programs, and even web pages you've visited, offering a holistic view of your system's software health.
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  • SensorPanel: AIDA64 Extreme goes beyond traditional monitoring by allowing you to create a personalized SensorPanel. This customizable dashboard can be tailored to match the aesthetic of your setup while displaying crucial sensor data, cooling system status, and usage metrics. You can select from various graphical elements, gauges, and custom images, making the panel dynamic or static as desired, with real-time data feeds from any sensor that AIDA64 can access.
  • Measurements: Supporting an expansive range of over 250 sensor devices, AIDA64 Extreme can track and display critical metrics like temperature, voltage, fan speeds, and power consumption. These measurements can be conveniently viewed through System Tray icons, an OSD panel, a Desktop Gadget, or specialized displays like those of Logitech G15/G19 gaming keyboards and Razer SwitchBlade LCDs.
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  • External display support: Broadening its horizon, AIDA64 Extreme can project essential system information onto various LCD/VFD displays connected to your computer. Offering support for over 50 types of screens, including the capability for wireless remote monitoring via smartphones and tablets, it ensures you're always informed, no matter where you are.
  • Accuracy: Precision is paramount in system diagnostics and benchmarking, and AIDA64 Extreme excels. It boasts the industry's most precise hardware detection capabilities, supported by an extensive database containing over 240,000 entries. Hence, it ensures you get accurate, detailed information about the computer's internals without inspecting it physically.

How to use AIDA64 Extreme?

  1. Once launched, click on Tools.
  2. Then click on the operation you want to perform, among Disk Benchmark, Cache And Memory Benchmark, GPGPU Benchmark, Monitor Diagnostics, or System Stability Test.
  3. Depending on the operation you choose, follow the process.

If you need help, look at the official FAQ or browse the forum.

Is AIDA64 Extreme free?

We offer you the free demo version of AIDA64 Extreme.

Is AIDA64 Extreme safe?

Yes, AIDA64 Extreme is considered safe to use.