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Creeper World is a tower defense real-time strategy video game developed by Knuckle Cracker where you must protect your world from the encroaching "creeper" alien force. Your mission is simple, gather energy and flee. Fight back using weaponry, build networks of defensive structures and protect your vital installations. Can you survive the onslaught and save your people?


In the 14th millennium, humanity has already colonized thousands of worlds without facing its equal across the different planets. At the apex of their grandeur, they moved among the stars as if they were deities. But they were not.

One day, the thing fell from the sky with no reason and prior warnings, then 50 worlds were destroyed on the first day. Relentlessly spreading, the Creeper seemed unstoppable, and humans started to feel fear again.


  • Real-time strategy: As the last bastion of humanity, your mission is to connect your base to energy totems through energy collectors and relays. Once you get enough energy, a jump gate will open, allowing Odin City to teleport to a new planet where the deadly Creeper will chase you again.
  • Survive: You will constantly fight against a lingering enemy that can be repelled but cannot die, the Creeper. This blue-shapeless evil being has already destroyed most other life forms, including humanity, so make sure it doesn't spread too much, or it will cut your supply and take you down for good.
  • Troop management: Make sure to fight back using your combat units. They can attack if they have line-of-sight contact, and some units can throw bombs to slow down the Creeper spread. However, their weapons need energy coming from Collectors you place across the field and connected to your city network, so make sure they remain active.
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  • Be smart: Take advantage of the elevations of the landscape, because while the Creeper can quickly spread across low-lying areas, it must gather before rising to higher ground.
  • Replayability: Depending on your playstyle, you can tackle missions from different angles and make your own choice to deal both with the energy and the Creeper threat. As you hone your strategic skills, you will learn better ways to develop your structures while protecting yourself efficiently. Last but not least, there are tons of custom maps, and a dedicated game mode offers procedurally generated content.
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Graphics and sound

Creeper World offers simple 2D graphics and audio feedback. But offering photorealistic scenes is not the point of the game, as the graphics have been designed to make your experience fun, functional, and intuitive.

Duration and game modes

The game features a single-player game mode you are likely to play for about 8 hours if you focus on the main aspects, and discovering all it has to offer may last over 19 hours.

  • Story: This is the campaign mode where you will learn all the basics of the game and discover what happened to humanity.
  • Conquest: It is unlocked during the Story mode. It features 25 additional maps in 5 categories. More challenges await you here.
  • Special Ops: Ten more maps in 10 different planets are unlocked as you go through the Conquest mode, including Classic Earth, Super Tax-Man, Gump, and more.
  • Chronom mode: This mode is unlocked once you finish the Story mode and drastically increases the replayability of the game as it features thousands of procedurally generated maps.

What do the reviews say?

Creeper World has been rated Overwhelmingly Positive by over 590 players on Steam and has a Metacritic User Score of 8.7/10.

Age rating

Creeper World has no official PEGI rating, but as it contains no violence, strong language, or anything else, it can be considered suitable for all audiences.

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