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Onmyoji: The Card Game is a duel card mobile game developed by Netease Games Global and is a spinoff of Onmyoji. Your story begins in a place where many Yokaï myths are told, and you have to win duels to unlock more stories.


  • Strategy: Building your deck is up to you as the game offers different possibilities, such as OTK decks. You have to choose 4 Shikigami for your duel, and each Shikigami can give 8 exclusive cards.
  • Artwork: Hundreds of painters and top actors partnered with the developers to create this amazing audiovisual experience with aesthetics inspired by the Japanese culture and the Yokaï folklore.
  • Shotengai shop: The game allows you to run your own traditional Japanese-style shop and decorate it the way you like. In addition, using Shikigami patrons will make you win some extra coins.
  • Explore: You will dive into a beautiful fantasy universe that will make travel to Japan.
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Age rating

The game is rated Teen.

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