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  • Developer Knuckle Cracker
  • Version 0801
  • License Demo
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Creeper World 2 is a tower defense and real-time strategy video game offering an intense and thrilling experience. Fight for your world with a host of innovative weapons and tactics. Defend and survive against relentless waves of Creeper, a mysterious and deadly enemy, by building your own powerful defense systems. Will humanity live another day?


As the leader of the powerful Liberation Ship, you endeavor to end the Creeper's reign and restore peace to the galaxy. But, unfortunately, an even darker force is lurking in the depths of space, plotting to undo all that has been achieved.


  • Strategic: This time again, you will fight for the life of human beings, trying to carry energy through packets and making sure the Creeper does not spread too far. As a mix between a real-time strategy and tower defense gameplay mechanics, you will have to manage your energy while protecting against the many dangers out there.
  • New weapons: You will find many new ways to defend yourself and exterminate this evil being trying to slow you down. Blasters are used to firing at the closest Creeper in range, Nullifiers can destroy Creeper generators, Launchers can launch rockets at the deepest Creeper in range, Repulsors can push the Creeper, and Phantom Coil can attack phantoms (spores) in range, Liberation Ship can fire from the sky, and more.
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  • New energy system: The ancient collector-based energy production system has been revamped in favor of reactors that produce a fixed amount of energy, and they are still needed to power weapons and build structures. Also, thanks to wireless technology, packets of energy fly instead of being carried through connections. But, of course, in case packets come in contact with the Creeper, they are destroyed.
  • New dangers: The Creeper remains as dangerous as the devil, spreading death wherever it goes. Emitters still emit creep in set intervals. Gateways can now either spawn drones (can destroy your structure in one hit), phantoms (they replace spores, targeting random buildings and passing through everything), or send out dig packets.
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Graphics and sound

This second title features a new cross-section view rather than a top-down perspective. Graphics remain simple yet enhanced compared to the first game and brilliantly serve the gameplay to offer an intuitive understanding of what's happening during intense combats. The OST adds more tension to the game and brings the immersiveness to the next level.

Duration and game modes

Creeper World 2 offers a single-player experience of about 13 hours if you focus on the main aspects of it. But discovering all the extra and additional playstyles can easily lead you to dozens of hundreds of hours of fun.

  • Story: This is the campaign mode where you discover the story of Creeper World 2. Consisting of 20 unique missions with the threat of human extinction, you will learn all the game mechanics while living an epic journey.
  • Bonus: Once the main campaign mode completed, you can play 10 bonus maps to be completed featuring unique challenges and different approaches.

What do the reviews say?

Creeper World 2 has been rated Very Positive by over 300 players on Steam and received a Metacritic User Score of 8.5/10. So even though a niche plays the game, it is a success.

Age rating

Creeper World 2 has no official PEGI rating, but as it contains no violence, strong language, or anything else, it can be considered suitable for all audiences.

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