Art of War: Red Tides free for PC

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  • Developer Game Science
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  • License Freeware
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Art of War: Red Tides is a multiplayer strategy game currently in BETA with the core aspects of the game implemented. The rules of a battle in Red Tides are minimal and straightforward, but the experience lies in the journey as you lead your troops to victory.


  • Game mechanics: You are responsible for setting up your troops, sending your troops, and destroying the enemy turrets and base. For this, you will need to choose ten units and then join the battle. 

  • Teamwork: Art of War: Red Tides heavily emphasizes teamwork. You have to support and manage over 300 units that can fight with their heads and not their hearts; The gritty battleground requires one to do so. Command using succinct instructions and play wisely. The game has over 120 kinds of units in three races, so you must think strategically.

  • Saving update: Art of War: Red Tides has updated its saving mechanism so that no progress made will be wiped. Optimizing the unit's balance and other features can also be found in this upgrade.

  • Monetization: Art of War: Red Tides has adopted the "free download + in-game purchase" pattern. The in-game store will not be selling exclusive items that could influence the match, nor in-game currencies.

Game modes

  • Each game is filled with new challenges and it is incumbent on you to overcome them for the sake of the men you're leading into battle.
  • Being a tactical game, you will need to assess your enemy's intentions, and then it is up to you to send a pertinent number of units to fight the battle. Upon doing this, you will need to overwhelm the enemy, continually employing your tactical prowess to destroy their base. It's a simple game, but it requires a myriad of strategies and tactics to win.
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