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  • Version 3.3024.3
  • License Freeware
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Null's Royale is a free private server version of the famous Clash Royale. It features everything the original game offers while providing unlimited resources and free content, so you can now focus on strategies and play against players worldwide.


  • Unlimited resources: You start with unlimited resources, including gems, chests, bags, and coins, for free. Hence, you can access everything the game offers and focus on the strategic part without spending money.
  • Updated: Null's Royale is regularly updated by developers to offer all the most recent features and cards of the original game. In addition, of course, it already includes all the major cards and features of Clash Royale.
  • Events: Although this is a mod, the developers host weekly events featuring new cards.
  • Easy account synchronization: Thanks to the Null's Connect feature, you can connect on any device and all your data will be synchronized.
  • Powerful commands: The game also provides really helpful commands, including /help (shows all available commands), /clean (reset your account), /status (show current server status), /chest (get next battle chest in Chest Slot), and lots more.
  • Server uptime: Null's Royale runs on very stable and reliable servers with almost 100% uptime to provide a smooth and stable experience. In any case, if you face any server issue, you can report it to the officials on the forum page.
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Graphics and sound

Null's Royale features the same polished cartoonish graphics and sound as Clash Royale. Hence, you will experience a smooth, nice-looking, and optimized game.

Duration and game modes

Null's Royale features solo and multiplayer (PvP, 2v2, special, party, and more) game modes you are likely to play for dozens of hours depending on your ambitions. Note that the Trophy Race game mode only allows normal, unmodified cards.

What do the reviews say?

Even though the game has not received any official rating, it is still appreciated by many players worldwide and has a strong community of players.

Age rating

There is no official rating for Null's Royale, but it offers the same content as Clash Royale, so it can be considered rated Everyone 10+.

How to install and play Null's Royale on Android?

First, download the Null's Royale APK file we provide you for free at the top of the page. Then you need to activate the option to grant authorizations to your device to install an app from an unknown source. To do that, you can either try to directly execute the downloaded file, go to Settings > Biometric data and security or Settings > Apps > Special access, or search on the Internet how to proceed with your device. Once the app can be installed, you can install it and launch the game as-is.

To create or synchronize a Null's account, you can go to the settings menu on the lower right side and then click on the Null's account connection panel. If you already have an account, your associated account's data will be downloaded, and you can keep playing. In case you are a new challenger, you can create a Null's account by registering one of your email accounts.

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