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  • Version 2.12
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Creeper World 3 is an exciting and unique real-time strategy game set in a distant future. Players must use their wits to build and defend their own galactic empire while facing off against a relentless alien force known as the Creeper. With its expansive maps, creative and challenging gameplay modes, and advanced AI, Creeper World 3 promises an intense and thrilling experience.


In Creeper World 3, the player assumes the role of Admiral Skarsgard Abraxis, the only living being in existence. An alien substance called the Creeper has wiped out most of civilization, and billions of years later, Abraxis and his AI companion Lia are the only ones left to explore its many worlds and unravel the secrets surrounding the Creeper and the cause of Skarsgard's existence. Together, they must protect humanity from increasingly powerful Creeper attacks while they strive to uncover the answers they seek about the Creeper.


  • Structures: Lots of different structures are available to develop your economy, infrastructures, and defensive buildings that are vital to gather resources, defending yourself, and increasing your offensive power. For example, the Collector is the first thing you need to gather energy, a Relay is useful to expand your network, an Or Mine must be used on ore deposits, a Shield can protect units by repelling Creeper and Spores, and many more. Seriously, you will be amazed how 
  • Terraforming: You can completely terraform by raising or lowering the elevation of the landscape during missions. Used wisely, it will allow you to take the higher ground or defend to supersede your enemies.
  • Weapons: A huge arsenal will highly help you to keep the Creeper and other dangers at bay, but also destroy them if needed. As you expand your structures, make sure to defend them using Cannons, Mortars, Strafers, Bombers, Sprayers, Beams, Snipers, Nullifiers, or even the TItans like Big Bertha.
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  • Enemies: The relentless Creeper remains a deadly enemy as it will destroy everything wherever it spreads. Runners will be a pain in your back as they can stun a unit, preventing it from requesting energy for some seconds, and they can also carry a payload of Creeper that will be deposited if they are destroyed. Other dangers await you, but you will face them when the time comes.
  • Build your strategy: Even though you now know your enemies and what tools and weapons you can use, it doesn't mean it will be a piece of cake. Throughout your missions, you will have to carefully expand your structures, build reliable and redundant networks to ensure the energy supply keeps working, defend yourself against versatile and clever enemies, and destroy Creeper emitters. Hopefully, the new advanced building options allow you to batch structure construction to save precious amounts of time. 
  • Create and share: The map editor offers full control over the world's creation settings, including the terrain, resources, enemies, and units, and the built-in scripting language lets you script your own enemies and effects. The Dial Map Devices allows you to generate map codes and easily share them with other players so that everyone plays the same map, over the years Creeper World 3 community has kept growing.
  • Comfort: You can customize key mapping as well as other settings. Sounds like a detail, but it makes a real difference when you need to manage lots of things simultaneously.
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Graphics and sound

We are back to the top-down view offering nice-looking simple graphics offering a clear understanding of all the events. The sprites and animation have been updated, so the overall graphics quality has improved; this time, you can play full screen, window, and choose among various resolutions. Also, it features a unique awesome soundtrack giving a unique taste to this game.

Duration and game modes

Creeper World 3 offers a single-player experience through a Story mode you will enjoy for about 15 hours. But, as many players have contributed to constantly bringing new kinds of content, you also have access to hundreds and hundreds of hours of unique gameplay through map modes like Play As Creeper (PAC), The Sleeper Menace, or Particle Maps.

What do the reviews say?

Creeper World 3 has been rated Overwhelmingly Positive by over 3500 players on Steam and has a Metacritic User Score of 8.7/10. Like the two previous titles, Creeper World 3 is a successful game bringing more innovative content to the series.

Age rating

Creeper World 3 has no official PEGI rating, but as it contains no violence, strong language, or anything else, it can be considered suitable for all audiences.

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