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  • Developer FunPlus International
  • Version 1.18.5
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

State of Survival offers an innovative and genuine MMO survival experience with RPG and RTS aspects that make it unique among survival video games. Featuring lots of troops, structures, Heroes, and technological research fields, you will discover a super-rich post-apocalyptic world where your strategic and management skills will be tested the hard way. So, be clever, make alliances with other players, and try to survive another day.


It all started with a so-called prank video released online on Halloween. Now, it has been months since the terrific zombie apocalypse began, and the virus has infected the whole city. Since then, your life has dramatically changed, and you have had to live as a survivor to stay brave against the deadly monsters which came back from the dead. But you did not give up. Keep building your city with other survivors to take down the constant waves of zombies. For all of those who passed away, you will stay alive.


  • Fight and survive: You will experience a unique journey to survive in this MMORPG as you will have to develop your strategies to survive, collect resources to survive, manage your troops to kill and repel the zombies, and build alliances with other players to forge strategic partnerships. Your troops will auto-attack as the living dead will try to take you down, but you must manage all the different aspects to ensure everyone live.
  • Heroes: This is a war soldier, so you need to save survivors called Heroes from the battle and strengthen your army. There are three categories of Heroes, including Brawler, Marksman, and Scout, with different rarity levels. Brawler Heroes are leaders of infantry troops and fight at the forefront, their attack range is narrow, but their Health stat is the greatest among categories. Marksman Heroes lead hunter troops positioned on the left; their attack range is wider, and have the lowest Health stat but the highest Attack stat. Finally, Scout Heroes lead rider troops on the right, they have a long attack range and are the last target after Brawler and Marksman. So, locate those badass fighters, take advantage of their special abilities, and make them heroes on the battlefield.
© State of Survival
  • Build: You need to administrate your base and expand it by building more structures like Hero Precinct, Barracks, Range, and Garage, but also Training Camp for your troops, a Hospital to rescue your soldiers, and lots more. It offers a pretty good mix of base-building and resource-gathering gameplay mechanics.
  • Science!: Research is vital regarding survival, and you have plenty of ways to develop and master different kinds of technologies. For example, the regular research development tree allows you to improve your tools, get more beds, improve your tech, be more efficient in combat, and more. But you will also discover other kinds of research like Plasma or Alliance. These three main technological layers add more consistency and interesting possibilities to the experience.
  • Events: Developers take care to bring new content to add more genuine replayability to the game, like the arrival of the JOKER. Depending on the events, it may make your life easier or more challenging, so stay alert and adapt your strategies.
© State of Survival


State of Survival features modern mobile graphics offering a pleasant visual experience throughout fights and management phases. All the troops and monsters are well-designed, the animations are finely tuned, and the different effects and particles make the whole game thrilling. Also, the different interfaces are well-designed, so you will quickly get used to all the different mechanics.

Duration and game modes

State of Survival is a massively multiplayer online game with lots of content, so it is entirely up to you how long you want to fight for your life and expand the resistance with other players.

What do the reviews say?

State of Survival: Zombie War is an absolute hit, with over 50 million downloads worldwide.

Age rating

State of Survival has been rated for a Teen audience as it contains violence and blood.

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