Pokémon TCG Online: download for PC, Mac, Android (APK)

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  • Developer The Pokémon Company International
  • Version 2.95.0
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Pokémon TCG Online is a video game based on the Pokémon trading card game. Players of all ages now have the chance to compete in intense battles and become the ultimate Pokémon master. Create your own deck and battle against opponents from around the world to show off your skills and become the very best, like no one ever was!


  • Make a difference: As you progress throughout the game, you will fight and compete against many opponents, whether it is the computer or your friends. But once you feel your deck is robust enough, you can challenge other players and make a difference.
  • Smooth to learn: It is clear designers have focused on making the whole content very accessible for new players. Indeed, you are guided to master the game mechanics and only need to choose from Grass, Fire, or Water decks to step into the game.
  • Titanic collection: Increase your collection of cards by acquiring more, opening booster packs, swapping with other gamers, and constructing a customized deck featuring the best cards you love. As your interests and knowledge expand, slowly add to your card collection.
  • Unique experience: You can customize the look of all your cards, deck boxes, and avatar and build your unique deck. Also, you can join your friends online.
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  • Multiple deck formats: For more replayability, you can play all the game modes in several deck formats, whether it is Theme (only preconstructed Theme decks are allowed), Standard (only cards from expansions or sets officially sanctioned for Play! Pokémon events for the Standard format are allowed), Expanded (only cards from expansions or sets officially approved for Play! Pokémon events for the Expanded format are permitted), Unlimited (there is no card restriction), or Legacy (only decks composed of cards from HeartGold & SoulSilver and Black & White Series can be played in this format).
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Developed using the powerful Unity game engine, Pokémon TCG Online delivers good Pokémon-style graphics with stunning animations making the whole experience pretty pleasant and addictive.

Duration and game modes

Pokémon TCG Online features single-player and multiplayer game modes you can enjoy for dozens of hours:

  • Tutorial Mode: At the Game Store, Professor Holly welcomed the player, then guided them through a series of matches to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of gaming. With her help, they were able to learn the basics.
  • Trainer Challenge mode: The Trainer Challenge mode is an excellent way for new players to get into the game. It involves competing against computer-controlled characters with pre-made decks and winning matches rewards you with booster packs.
  • Versus Mode: In Versus Mode, players of the Theme, Standard, Expanded, or Legacy format can engage with a randomly selected online player and earn rewards based on the match's outcome. Each game won earns the player Versus Points, 1 Trainer Token (with a minimum playtime requirement), and 2 additional Trainer Tokens if the win was against a higher-ranked player. In addition, players have the opportunity to receive Event Tickets or a Mystery Box reward if they spin the Bonus Wheel regardless of win or loss.
  • Events mode: Events, formerly known as Tournaments, can be accessed with either Event Tickets or Trainer Tokens. Players can join events of different Deck formats and have the chance to win Trainer Tokens, Event Tickets, Booster packs, and Uncommon Chests based on their placement in the event. Each event consists of three rounds of single-elimination matches between 8 players. After each game, players can spin the Bonus Wheel to gain additional Trainer Tokens or Event Tickets, regardless of the outcome.

What do the reviews say?

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Pokémon TCG Online has received a good Metacritic score of 78/100.

"This is a quick, simple, and clean way to enjoy a fantastic card game on the go, and while it may be a far cry from the Game Boy Color version released so many years ago, it's a great start and an option that you'll want to choose if you want to reignite your love for the game or simply get started with it -- and besides, it's free!" (Modojo)

Age rating

Pokémon TCG Online has been rated for Everyone.

Will Pokémon TCG Online be shut down?

On 20 September 2022, it was announced that Pokémon TCG Online would be replaced soon by Pokémon Trading Card Game Live and would no longer be available for downloadOf course, players would be able to transfer their account and game data.

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