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  • Developer RuneyGames
  • Version 0.17.2
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Harem Hotel is an adult visual novel developed by Runey that offers a tremendous story with lots of women, graphic content, and all kinds of practices. Drink a glass of water and get comfortable as dozens of hours of fun and pleasure await you.


You've just stepped into a legacy left by your grandfather - a quaint hotel on an exotic continent where all is not as it seems. Dive into a whirlwind of relationship-building, skill-honing, and transforming your inherited haven into the talk of the town. Welcome to a new adventure!


  • Expansive story: Despite the fact it's an adult visual novel, it provides quite a long story that your choices will shape throughout your journey. More precisely, up to dozens of hours of content and over 900 events will be discovered, offering lots of replayability and surprise.
  • Characters: You will interact with plentiful characters, each with a unique look and preferences for having fun. Discover the 18 mysterious characters waiting for you, including Lin, Kali, Ashley, Maria, Android, the Felicity & Emma duo, Autumn, and more.
© Harem Hotel
  • Practices and themes: We cannot list all the different themes and practices you will experience with all the different characters, but rest assured that you will discover a wide range of new things. It all depends on personal tastes, so the more people you meet, the more likely you will come across wildness.
  • Huge gallery: More images are better when you want to revisit your favorite moments, and you can be sure that the vast amount of over 24.300 images will meet your desires.
  • Travel: Along your way to making new friends, you will travel a lot and enjoy many different places.
© Harem Hotel


Harem Hotel offers quite nice-looking graphics for an indie visual novel, featuring hundreds of explicit and naughty animations of all kinds.

Duration and game modes

It offers a single-player experience that may last minutes (wink wink) or dozens of hours if you explore everything it offers.

What do the reviews say?

As usual, there are no official reviews for that kind of game, but the extensive content and long story seem promising.

Age rating

Harem Hotel is suitable for an adult audience.