Five Nights in Anime: Reborn free for PC

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  • Developer SassyEX Games
  • Version 1.0.2
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

Five Nights In Anime: Reborn is a fanmade video game based on the first FNAF parody made by Mairusu-Paua. It features a redesign of characters, mechanics, animations, and in-game elements. This time, be prepared to be scared by real evil beings.


Five Nights in Anime: Reborn is a fanmade game based on Five Nights in Anime. This time again, you will work as a security guard trying to handle and contain all those evil and malicious creatures who will try to take you down. From your office and equipped with cameras and switches, outsmart them and survive at least one more night.


  • Reimagined: The game introduces some new mechanics and characters, and follows an actual horror formula with proper lore.
  • Face your fear: This time, the lightly dressed animatronics have been replaced by really dangerous creatures described as yanderes who will make everything they can to get you. Don't worry, they are still eye-catching. Beware, you will experience real jumpscares.
© Five Nights in Anime: Reborn
  • Survive: These evil creatures will try to inch their way through the rooms and try to scare you to death. Pay attention to all the rooms, remember who moved and who's missing, and ensure no one enters your office unless you want to die.
  • Energy management: Energy is key to survival as it allows you to use cameras, check or close doors, turn lights on and off, or perform any other action. Through each night, ensure to manage your power supply carefully, or you might be vulnerable to dangerous threats.
  • Mini-games: After each night, you will play a 2D mini-game taking place in a supermarket's parking. Defeat all the monsters and score as many points as possible.
© Five Nights in Anime: Reborn

Graphics and sound

Developed using Unity, the game features cartoonish survival-themed graphics coupled with audio effects that successfully create a freaky atmosphere. The rooms are diversified and make the gameplay mechanics work.

Duration and game modes

Five Nights in Anime: Reborn features a solo adventure with a difficulty curve that gradually increases through the nights. Depending on what you are looking for, you can complete the game in a few hours or more if you want to see all the jumpscares.

What do the reviews say?

As a fanmade video game created for a small community, the game has been well received.

Age rating

The game is for an adult audience.

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