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Video games for an adult audience have become more and more popular and Treasure of Nadia seems to be a praised title in this category. The game combines a classic narrative with sexual content, erotic scenes, challenges, and puzzles. If you want to explore that video game category, you should give a try to Treasure of Nadia.


The story of Treasure of Nadia takes place on an island paradise called Cape Vedra. You are Henry, the son of the famous treasure hunter named Dr. Idaho Johnson. Your father recently passed away, and you are going to follow in his footsteps in this demanding field.

During your journey, you will have to unveil the village’s hidden secrets with the help of women you’ll have to seduce to convince them to share with you what they know. The game is designed to make you carry out missions across locations on this mysterious island. Explore various and unique places such as the bar, the library, the supermarket, and more in order to discover clues in intimate situations.


  • Missions: The game’s missions are chained to make you enjoy the narrative experience. The game will first guide you through the missions and help you to achieve the objectives. Then, it will be up to you to overcome obstacles and solve the various challenges and puzzles.
  • Map: You will be able to consult the map of Cape Vedra between the various missions. To move to another location, you will just have to click on the corresponding place on the map.
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  • An affordable experience: Treasure of Nadia is a fairly intuitive game that is designed to make you enjoy the whole experience as much as possible. It is unlikely that you will get stuck in any gameplay sequence as you will receive constant help from the other characters.
  • Controls: You can play this game using only your mouse. Interact with other characters or grab objects using the left mouse’s button. The right mouse’s button is useful to deploy your inventory, use your cell phone or contact your assistant in the game, called Evie, through the Soul Crystal.

Graphics and sound

Treasure of Nadia does not have impressive and stunning graphics. However, the development team has chosen to focus on body representations and has invested lots of time in making sure that as many details as possible are visually coherent and realistic.

The game has a lot of catchy titles that remind us of the typical RPG adventures of the 90s.

Duration and game modes

Due to the content Treasure of Nadia offers, it is intended to be a solo adventure.

There is no average game duration, you have all the time you want to complete the missions.

What do the reviews say?

Several video games dedicated forums, and the player community praised Treasure of Nadia for its plot and its graphics quality. The game seems to have a much more complete experience than other games of the same genre.

Age rating

Treasure of Nadia is intended for an adult audience and contains explicit erotic content. You must have the legal age, which varies depending on your jurisdiction, to be allowed to consult this kind of content.

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