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Sifu is the new title of the independent video game studio Sloclap that developed the groundbreaking Absolver. Sifu is a 3D third-person perspective action-adventure video game with intense hand-to-hand kung-fu combats. Sifu is going to run on PC, PS4, and PS5. In this download we will reveal you all the details about Sifu's gameplay and characteristics.

What is Sifu?

Sifu is the Cantonese version of Shifu in Mandarin, which literally means master. Years ago, a group of fighters mysteriously came to a martial school in China and killed the Sifu of the place. The fighters found the Sifu's child and tried to kill it, but he has revived thanks to a mysterious and magical talisman that revives its owner acceleratedly every time it is used.

The years passed, and eight years after Sifu's death, the student is now an accomplished and young kung-fu fighter. You are this student, and you are on the path of revenge to honor and avenge your beloved Sifu. Chase the murderers across the streets, bars, and nightclubs, and do whatever it takes to understand what happened and preserve your family's honor.

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  • Avenge your Sifu: Sifu is a beat 'em up action-adventure video game that features a third-person perspective camera. As a kung-fu fighter inspired by the famous Pak Mei kung fu martial art, you will have to take revenge on the murderer of your master. Alone against all, you will learn to master your kung fu to defeat your enemies. Don't be afraid to die, as a mysterious magical talisman will revive you every time as a little bit older and wiser. So hone your skills, avenge your Sifu, and preserve your family's legacy.
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  • The combat system: The combat system is really fine-tuned and well-paced, and it will give you great satisfaction as you learn it. As a Kung-fu fighter, you will be able to use over 150 unique attacks that you can chain together if you execute them with the right timing. Each enemy has what you could call a structural gauge that will be filled when you attack them. Once complete, you will break their guard and finish them using powerful attacks. Attack combos may seem hard at first glance, but you will learn to move smoothly during combats to take advantage of tactical opportunities. You will also be able to block incoming strikes that will fill your gauge. Take the time to observe, and don't hesitate to evade or parry the next attack to stun your enemies or throw them away. The whole system really empowers you to experience stunning combats.
  • Use your environment: Direct attacks and combos are not the only way to win your fights. As you will have to face strong enemies, you will have to observe and understand the whole environment. Sifu allows you to take advantage of everything you have to build your own strategy. That is why you also can use items such as bottles, sticks, and various other objects as improvised weapons, use the environment to escape and block your enemies, kick them off, and everything else you saw in kung-fu movies.
  • Become the greatest warrior: The game focuses on learning and mastering your martial art and your enemies by practicing. Each time you die, you will revive a little bit older, you may unlock unique attacks, but at some point, you may also understand that being older may limit some of your abilities. Throughout your journey, you will learn how your enemies behave and how your own body moves so that you can adapt your strategy depending on your physical abilities and your enemy's attacks. Depending on your playstyle, you will have a very different experience. So again, take the time to learn and observe, powerfully chain combos, use everything you need to succeed, and defeat everyone who dares to challenge you.
  • Replayability: Sifu offers replayability as it sometimes allows you to avoid combats if you pick a different choice during dialogues. Also, the game has several endings depending on your playstyle, if you unlock everything throughout your journey, and if you don't get too old. It is a bit challenging, but the final result is worth it.
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Graphics and sound

Sifu has been developed using the powerful Unreal Engine 4, featuring gorgeous and stylish semi-cell shaded graphics which make it look like an animated piece of art. Even though Sifu may look simple, it features excellent different atmospheres throughout the levels, from the Streets to the Nightclub stages, with high-quality textures, smooth shadows, effective anti-aliasing shaders, and polished lighting rendering techniques. Moreover, another very cool graphical effect is your character aging throughout your experience. The game is what the artists and developers wanted it to be, a beautiful, smooth, and polished piece of art. Also, Sifu features a dynamic traditional-style OST that really does the job of creating a harmonious and well-paced atmosphere. You will love to hear it again and again.

How long is Sifu?

Sifu offers a solo experience of about 10-15 hours if you only focus on finishing the game. However, if you strive to explore all the possible endings, you will spend up to 17-20 hours, depending on your skills. Plenty of different aspects of the game await you to be discovered, so take your time and honor them respectfully like the great warrior you are.

What do the reviews say?

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Sifu has been rated 79/100 on Metacritic.

"It’s a razor-thin wire to walk in making this feel rewarding. Too far on one side, and it’s masochistic; too far on the other, and it’s not enough of a challenge. Somehow, Sloclap strikes dead center. Sifu is a challenge worth taking on and overcoming. It’s a story of vengeance with a little heart at the end, and though it might not land perfectly, it’s got a lot of style and action to back it up." (Destructoid)

Age rating


The game is rated PEGI 16 as it features strong violence and strong language.

Why is Sifu so hard?

Sifu has a steep learning curve as it doesn't explicitly show you what to do when introducing new challenges and playstyles. For example, the first level is populated with standard enemies you can defeat using brutal offensive attacks. But that's another story in the second level, as you will encounter real martial art warriors who will throw uninterruptible combos that may kill you in two combo hits.

The thing is, the game has not prepared or informed you about the different ways to handle this kind of situation, so you will have to observe and learn the patterns and react accordingly. If it can be tough at first glance, you will quickly get used to that way of learning from your mistakes.

What does Sifu mean?

Sifu in Cantonese, or Shifu in Mandarin, is a title for a skillful person and the role of a master.

Is Sifu on Xbox?

Sifu is available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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