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Hello Neighbor 2 is a survival horror stealth game developed by Eerie Guest and tinyBuild wherein you will conduct a survey in Raven Brooks and try to discover the causes of all these disappearances. In this second title, you will discover a completely different sandbox open-world experience where AI characters will learn and adapt, forcing you to find innovative solutions to trick them.


Quinten, a local journalist, is determined to uncover the truth behind the disappearances in Raven Brooks. He follows a string of clues that leads him to Mr. Peterson's house, where he finds it more dilapidated and darker than before. Quinten soon discovers that the Shadow, the embodiment of fear and the main antagonist of the game, is back and more powerful than ever. He must fight his way through the psychological horror of his own fears, as well as the physical danger of the Shadow, to discover the truth about the disappearances and what happened to Mr. Peterson. Quinten must face the Shadow and put an end to its reign of terror.


  • Explore: You can freely explore the Raven Brooks and go anywhere you want to break in to get the scoop. You will meet different characters like The Baker or The Taxidermist, and it is up to you to find out what may sound shady about them or not.
  • Learning AIs: Developers advertised the AI as constantly evolving, able to learn and behave differently based on players' actions. Indeed, it seems every one of them has a proper identity with goals and backgrounds. Hence, you will be able to learn more about who they are, experiment with them, make them cold or scared, and influence how they act in their routines.
  • Sandbox: To inch your way into this world, you will have to solve puzzles and riddles. There is no specific order, and you need to find creative solutions by combining different items, platforming skills, and terrain features. As the state of the world evolves and many game events are persistent and scheduled in random order, you will opt for different solutions based on your previous actions.
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Graphics and sound

The player community agrees that the cartoonish graphics and finely-tuned sound designs successfully create coherent and immersive experiences throughout the game. It is obvious that a lot of effort has been made to create all the different places and atmospheres.

Duration and game modes

Hello Neighbor 2 features a single-player experience you can complete in about 4-5 hours.

What do the reviews say?

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Hello Neighbor 2 has received a very mixed appreciation with a Metacritic score of 58/100. It seems it is mainly due to tedious puzzles, a poor story, and poor AI capabilities compared to what developers advertised.

"Overall, Hello Neighbour 2 has too many problems to hit its full potential. The game looks great, and has some strong ideas, but ends up being neither 'stealth' nor 'horror' as it bills itself. There's enjoyment to be had, especially from the family-friendly angle and for those who like solving puzzles. However, fans of the original and casual gamers will find it too short and unengaging to remember it much. Ultimately it feels like the game is stretched too thin. The lack of story and sparse open world leave it feeling directionless." (KeenGamer)

Age rating


Hello Neighbor 2 has been rated PEGI 12 as it contains violence.

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