Goat Simulator free for PC, Android APK

(1.0 Go)
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  • Developer Coffee Stain Publishing
  • Version 2.16.2
  • License Freeware
  • Language en

If you think that you've seen everything the Internet has to offer, you clearly haven't heard of Goat Simulator - a Goat Simulator! With this app you transcend your human form and become a goat.

Goat Simulator essentially consists of 'goating' across the map, destroying as many things as you can in almost suicidal missions, in order to get the highest score possible. Unlike real life goats, your simulated companion is invincible and will remain unscathed from any accidents, falls, explosions that it may incur.

There are a good few hours worth of content, jokes and bugs across a surprisingly detailed map. The creators of the game proudly explain that their app is full of bugs and that they have no intention of fixing them - arguably they even add to the fun of the game. Whilst the concept is very simple, you will wonder why no-one had thought of creating a Goat Simulator before this game.

Goat Simulator is ideal for passing a couple of care free hours. Did I forget to mention that there is a Jet Pack!

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