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Free Legal Music Online

With the advancement in internet technology, the way people listen to music has changed drastically. While there are a large number of sites that allow free music downloads, not all of them are legal. Barring a few sites that allow free legal music online, most websites contribute to music piracy by allowing illegal uploads and downloads of files. It is possible to listen to music online from certain legal websites. Music played through a creative commons license is legal. It is advisable to listen to free legal music online rather than to download music files for free from unauthorized and illegal websites.

Due to the vast amount of music that is downloaded illegally these days, it is often thought that all free music downloads must be illegal. There are, however, sites that offer music downloads that are both free and legal.


Artist Server offers free MP3 downloads, videos, pictures, ringtones, forums and people news to its subscribed users. All you have to do is to sign up for an account on the website and enjoy over 7,000 freely available songs.


There is a small section available on Amazon's website called amazonmp3. This section gives subscribed US users the chance to download free music. Note that the songs are always renewed, and not archived.


Emusic offers free independent music to its subscribers. You can get over 200,000 songs to download for free.

Internet Archive

Internet Archive offers well known and less renowned music. However, the users subscribing to this site bear the legal responsibility of the content in the country they reside in.


https://download.cnet.com/entertainment-music/ includes a music section that offers free downloads of over 75,000 MP3s from less renowned artists.


A section of the http://www.mp3.com/free-music/ website offers you the chance to download free music online either in a stream or Mp3 format.

Free Online Radios

An alternative to downloading free music is to get connected to a free online radio station. The music is usually in a stream format but some provide the option to download the mp3s currently playing.

Creative Commons

Creative commons is a company that has regrouped well known and lesser known artists (not just musicians) and uses a private right to share their material online.

This article goes into more detail on where to download copyright free music.

Independent Bands Online

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